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Any other Laptop user experiencing High GPU Temperature.


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My spec: Laptop Alienware18 Laptop       2 Months old.
Win10 Home64 -Bit
i7 - 4930MX CPU @3.00 Ghz (8 cpu's) ~ , 3.1ghz
32GB Ram
GeForce GTX 780 SLI  , 4Gb each


Avg CPU temperature - 60~70 C  or  150-160F 

SLI mode on. 

60fps locked.

Avg GPU temperature on maxed out settings while ingame 75~79C  , While in background 65~70C. 


Should i be worried ?



P.s i got uptodate drivers .

Tried disabling SLI mode , result is the same .

Putting all settings on low doest help also same temperature. 

I dont experience this kind of temperatures in other games. I can run GTA5 maxed out online/offline  with  max 65C temperature.

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