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  1. You can do that with KD, it's a safer route. Alternatively, FMs can also still stun and bypass knockback by respeccing their ice stance Z to frost burst (makes you go airborne). After the initial pull, immediately press ice Z to avoid it entirely. This works similarly to gunner's Skystone (Q).
  2. When you finally obtain your 3-set TT soulshields, you ideally want to be using Invincible.
  3. As someone who plays non-tank classes and likes to step up to tank for groups when needed, I personally love this system. I would rather invest 25 points of threat to tank myself, keep everyone alive and optimize the party's dps (i.e. having the boss face the same direction); rather than having to rely on a tank class that kept aggro, but constantly kept on circle tanking because they're still inexperienced. It's because of this why I was able to keep aggro on my alt that does around 250k dps in SJF while letting a gunner optimize his burst and get a 1.1m dps opener.
  4. Drew this for me and my fiancee awhile back
  5. By helping, you mean a backhanded suggestion?
  6. It's like as if some people in this community expect you to miraculously have both AP + experience instantaneously straight out of the story. Because of these egregious behaviors, it's no wonder why newer groups think it's mandatory to wear Destiny + Zakhan.
  7. My character's old F2 profile - New F2 Profile I drew -
  8. What is honestly the worst thing that can happen to you if you tank? Weapon durability? Dying? Looking like a noob if you die? Get over it dude. It's not like this is an MMO where you lose exp or gold by an unfair percentage every time you eat it (or god forbid permanent weapon break). If you play BM, then you'll know tanking is not that bad. As someone who plays FM, GS and BD, tanking bosses is more or less the same thing for all of them: You fight, you win/die and end the quest successfully/prematurely. On to the next daily. It
  9. My top 3 weapons to bring into BnS - 1) Archery (I find it backwards from a game to bring guns first before archery. ) 2) Spears (When can I start fighting with these? I'm tired of seeing Yunsang being the only one. ) 3) Chain Whip (Unpopular idea, but I see these almost never in MMOs and would be a welcome edition to BnS)
  10. If you like story, then it's wonderful up until that point. Everything after (Grinding for end gear, F8 PuGs and faction chat) is a test of patience unless you really go out there to find a clan willing to help you. And just like companies like Nexon and other Korean MMOs, this one is no different to advertise items that you feel you absolutely need that require a credit card. It is achievable to have end gear as f2p, but you'll invest so much time that you're probably better off finding a part-time job and invest money in the game without feeling like the game is a chore.
  11. Congrats. You're one of the 5 ~10% that never experience it out of sheer dumb luck. This isn't about hardware optimization, these are loading issues every time boss throws out spheres, and no amount of CPU processing OC power + SSD can ever remedy this. Please actually contribute something because everything of what you said just makes you look self-absorbed.
  12. I can shed some light to Wind BD, as I play both wind/lightning. While I don't have full knowledge to wind BD (and afaik, wind is going to get changes in future updates that'll make its badge combination I'm using now voided), but aiming for Eternity Soul Badge + Skyrift Mystic Badge is what you seek for Wind, and MSP is more than enough to reset your cooldowns and keep things bursty. But before you think about getting the above mentioned, prioritize getting HM Z asap. Without this, Eternity is useless. Once you have these, you'll see a substantial differenc
  13. It works. Steelseries has a good reputation with giving away promo codes
  14. In this order: 1) Ignore all blue quests until "end game". 2) "Finish" Story Quest. 3) Search on youtube "[Blade and Soul] First Things To Do After Level 55" from EvilDoUsHarm Optional: Keep old gear for souvenir
  15. It's honestly absurd of the "AP" requirements, especially after the patch. How the hell does the AP recruitment wall suddenly jump from 900AP to a common 1.1K for NF? I'm this close to just creating a group of my own and run dungeons with "low AP" people willing to learn the game than tag along with a bunch of "RAVEN++ FAST" elitists that refuse to kill anything not labeled a boss because of unknown privileged reasons, then have 10+ Assassin Operatives chase everyone forever because they aggro dogs. And don't even get me started with Gloomdross and Shattered Mast.
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