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All chat broken except Say+ razer problems strike again with gg


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i can't whisper or region or faction chat or channel or any of it.


whisper seems to be working until i realized my friend isn't receiving it and not responding back. 


only thing seems to be working is say....


also game i couldn't log in again today after today's patch. i had to ENABLE razer again to log in. 


also i do have my <option name='use-chroma-keyboard' value='n'/> that was good fix for yesterday....not for today....


G. G.  

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yeah it's pretty funny how ncsoft is endorsed by razer and they give out razer stuff and then still have compatibility issues. yeah i'm planning on buying new keyboard and mouse soon. stuff breaks every patch for razer stuff is crappy. razer works fine for all other game too and even this game all other regions too lol. just not NA region. anyway.  the channels seems broken. ... on the bight side, they did put in more outfit on cashshop so you can spend more money ... haha. 

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