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  1. PETS coming 1st June

    OKAY LET ME EXPLAIN WHAT IS PET AND HOW IT WORKS!!! PETS is just an equipment that you wear, when you BUY PET EVOLVE IT UP.IT ADD Tons of HP and DEF. (is it required for anything? fk no). all it does it glitter it doesn't attack it just give you some bonus defensive stuff for those of you that dies too fast. what is is is that you need to PAY for it, for you to equip it on, you have to keep on feeding it. if you don't don't it won't be usable. and the thing is the food itself cost $ too. so yeah. Basically all it is, is that it doesn't do anything other than look pretty and give you some defensive stats. it doesn't increase your dps or anything and it will cost you a lot of $$$ to keep it. and there is that upkeep to keeping it out. a lot people like to use it in dungeons to just show off. other than that. they keep it in inventory. of course if you are rich you can keep it out all the time since you can buy unlimited food for it. your choice. but the bottom line is... ITS NOT REQUIRED for anything. if you got money get it, if you don't.... don't ... it's not required for anything
  2. Hello, regarding event like Harvest its only 5 9 11 pm per day. (PST time) i'm curious if NCSOFT would consider adding extra times during the day too? some of us work at night shift. I work in the medical/hospital industry so i work a later shift during the day.I can't do any of those event at all because mostly i'm at work. but i am able to do it during the day .Do you guys think it's likely for NCSOFT to add extra times for the Harvest event? so we can have different times to complete those daily quests? is it hard to code to add extra times for those event? would it be impossible? do they need to contact korean dev team for that? or is it just as easy as adding extra times ??? something maybe like 3 times during the day too? like maybe 8 11 2 pm too?
  3. Dragon soup NOT WORKING!!!! (100% exp?)

    hum...even thought it's saying increase all combat exp by 100%? from support i'm getting the impression they are saying that's a bug and he is going to give it to some other guy to look into.... if it was not suppose to work. i'm sure he would said that instead of his going to pass on to some higher power to look in to? .... (maybe he isn't he is just saying he would....i don't know...)
  4. Dragon soup NOT WORKING!!!! (100% exp?)

    GM Jv Friday at 20:28 Hi there, Thank you for contacting the Blade and Soul Support Team. We will forward your report to the development team so that they can investigate the issue. However, we will be unable to personally email you about the investigation but any updates will be announced on our website and forums: If you have any other details that may help with the investigation or if you have any other concern, please don’t hesitate to contact us again. Regards, GM Jv NCSOFT Support Team that's their reply.... and the ticket i submit is now labeled SOLVED. and that's their solution.... err does this translate to " you are fked, SOL, i don't want to help you and i'm not going to do anything about it. I'll pass it on to some other people but i have no idea if they will give a ... if one day we ever do anything about it. you won't know about it unless you go check the forums. there is no update on when that is...." .... seriously? ....what kind of a reply is this? nothing like yes. we know it doesn't work. or yes we can give you some that works. or anything of that's like. dude. you are SOL. maybe one day we'll look into it..?
  5. Dragon soup NOT WORKING!!!! (100% exp?)

    yes i was going to try that next see if it works there. looks like these soup are broken... yeah, well, maybe they'll fix the soup and reimburse us one
  6. Dragon soup NOT WORKING!!!! (100% exp?) looks like it's suppose to work for combat exp, but i'm not getting any increase at all. ... what should i do? i get reimbursed for testing out this bug? hahaha.
  7. Dragon soup NOT WORKING!!!! (100% exp?)

    never's not working at all! now the soup is over. i notice i'm still getting the same exp lol. wow....g.g.
  8. i am testing the dragon soup and it's NOT WORKING??? do you guys know this? or it's working only sometimes? while killing the mobs inside 24man POH. before i drank the soup. i was getting around 150 exp . after drinking the dragon soup i am STILL getting around 150 exp.... BUT the min bosses i'm getting around 420 exp now... so it works but only works on mini bosses? .... does anyone know about this?
  9. Hackers in PVE and Hackers in Arena

    @Hime @Lock6 @omeed @Rukkirii hey guys! just hoping you guys can see this and maybe response if you feel like it. and just letting you know that there are hackers going around in PVE and in PVP just look at ranking the over 2k ranking with the hack name in it. and you'll see what i'm talking about. Just a FYI wanting you guys to know about it. and the first video shows someone also catching hackers in world PVE/pvp. Thank you. if you don't stop that hacker in PVP. his name is his hacking web site, so if people looking at the name might go to the site and pay for the yeah. please try to ban these guys at least....take his name out of the Ranking or something to stop his promotion of his hack site at least...
  10. Hackers in PVE and Hackers in Arena

    who should i use the "@" symbol with? do you know any admin or staff we can maybe point their focus here for a sec? lol.
  11. Hackers in PVE and Hackers in Arena

    I am hoping some staff will see this post even if they don't respond. and start doing something about hackers now too. i am not looking for instant patch like the spam filter patches, but at least to let us know they working on doing something against hackers... they did something about the spammers cause new players can't even read anymore or chat in game. that's how horrible the spam was. so they fix it. i hope it's not going to take hackers everywhere and hacks all #1 in pvp before they do something about this...
  12. [Removed: Please submit a ticket to Customer Support to report players using third party tools] also in pvp arena ranking. this lv 35 over 2k ranking is hacking. i don't want to mention his name because his name is his hacking web site. but i hate people that hack their way to the top. Hope NA ban the shit out of them. and the hacking in Arena is promoting his hacking site. I hope NCSOFT realize by now that Game Guard isn't working. we need do something else to stop these hackers. Also, i heard in CN they using some kind of tenprotect or something and they don't have a bot/hacking problems. they also got some kind of in game video capture for 30 sec where you do a video capture and send it in hack report that seems cool too. We need step our game on stopping these hackers...
  13. The cat Q taunt is buggy now. before it wasn't like this. now the taunt only last about 3, 4 sec now. sometimes it seems only last 2 sec or less. the taunt seems buggy and it's not as instant as before now. sometimes it takes a sec or 2 for the mob to switch target to cat. before the latest patch it was instant. anyone else notice cat Taunt bug?
  14. Update, i relogged char, looks like chat is working now. i can see spam now in faction lol
  15. yeah it's pretty funny how ncsoft is endorsed by razer and they give out razer stuff and then still have compatibility issues. yeah i'm planning on buying new keyboard and mouse soon. stuff breaks every patch for razer stuff is crappy. razer works fine for all other game too and even this game all other regions too lol. just not NA region. anyway. the channels seems broken. ... on the bight side, they did put in more outfit on cashshop so you can spend more money ... haha.