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Question about NCSOFT Support tickets


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Almost 5 days ago I've bought an extra ticket voucher to get an extra slot to make a new character with a friend but I did not get it.

It just disappeared on me along with my NCOINS


I've made a ticket on this 4 or so days ago and I still  haven't got a response


I know deleting a lvl 15+ (25) lvl assasin would probably take 7days+ so will I be better off deleting my assasin now to hopefully in a week be able to make a new character or is NCSOFT gonna answer me any time soon?


Or should I just make a new ticket


I'm really confused here


I've been waiting to make a new char for about 4 days now and I'm stuck and can't do anything

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I also have a ticket open for 4,5 days and not a single reaction. I know there must be a lot of tickets since the game just started but since it wasn't communicated from ncsoft to expect extra long answer times and i know from other guys who get answers within a day or so, I'm quite disappointed.

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