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LF: Party members to help in Blackram Narrows


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If this isn't in the right forum please let me know and I can move it. I'm new to the forums and unsure if this is actually the proper forum. 


Anywho, to my point, my fiance and I are newer players, started a few days ago and are both around level 24-25. I'm a summoner and he's a blade dancer. I tried to solo the dungeon when it first opened, not knowing that it was actually a pretty difficult battle. We ended up partying up to try and face it together, the first time not making any progress and then last night we managed to make it all the way to the final area. But, in the end we still both got pummeled. 


We're looking for anyone who'd be willing to help out with this dungeon. We won't let you do all the work, even if you're higher level than us. We like battling and are willing to fight as best as we can. But we know we can't beat it alone at our levels and would hate to have to wait around until we are higher levels to beat it. Even if you can't help, if you could have us at least a few good pointers that would be amazing. We really would like to beat this dungeon so we can get our blight weapons. 

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