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  1. You're not supposed to do it all at once, it's an MMO. I stated that you get sufficient gold to get your weapon upto silverfrost, not the whole bee's knees. Once you're in silverfrost you can obviously farm gold more easily and not be stuck in moonwater, which is the whole point of people thinking the game is stale and cant progress past moonwater and give up. It's not, its easily done, people just think that if you cant progress your gear, you cant move onto the next map. That is counter productive thinking. Upgrade your weap, will increase your efficiency in grinding and then it opens m
  2. I would like an ebay rating type system, and an AFK counter that people can vote on, so if you're being a jackass and keep AFKING in dungeons then people can view that count on your profile and know not to run with you. It should deter people from AFKing. And a general rating like ebay or amazon for your behaviour thats all. Dont really care about the skill rankings or whatever defamation systems you guys talk about. So generally if you're an ass people will know about it, that should stop the leechers, abusers, and the loudmouth rotten tomatoes.
  3. Hi Domisotto, You are missing out on running the blue dungeons as well because they drop gear breakthrough blue weapons that you can easily place on the market for the extra 30-70s here and there, they all add up and they can be repeated how many times you require. Also there's things you can do in silverfrost that can earn you gold without needing much gear, for example trying to farm crit shields from Gabiyung bosses, you just need to do few damage from it to get credit and box, althoug it is RNG but outcome is pretty good to get a crit shield, which you can sell from anything 1
  4. Yeah just do the kill x number of mobs, and pug the blue dungeons should still net you a good amount of gold. You dont need to worry about the 1% boss quests till later, cos theyu're a lagfest and you need really good gear anyway which you'll get there eventually if you're patient enough. But silverfrost is ok for running normal blue dailies for gold, and you can then once outlevelled the harder bosses in moonwater area, you can go back and farm/kill what you need to do.
  5. If new players can persevere and just play through the storyline with what they have or what they're given as part of the silverfrost storyline, like accessories and the freebie weapon, they should be able to manage squeeze through some of the quests to the end. It should net them around 40G or something? with that they can use to buy materials to upgrade their moonwater weapons. Dont stay stuck trying to farm gold in moonwater, it's not a good revenue for gold. Then once you get to lvl 50 you can start doing those blue daily quests and run some pug blue dungeons, they all give
  6. The truth is here: Before we got 3 slots free when upgraded to Blight. People complained after upgrading into silverfrost gear that they got RNG number of slots even if they were opened before it could still be lost, the RNG didnt care or take into account what you had before, it will be overwritten. Major outcry from community. NC steps in. Says OK OK OK we wont remove your slots anymore that you paid for, but...hey we're not giving you any slots free either from the start. So you will now buy your 2 extra slots if you want them. It seems very petty and
  7. lol how did you manage to get first post on my own topic :D epic lag haha
  8. Sorry guys to re-post this here, but it's just in case some people havent started or wondering where they can start. I'll post this recruitment message here so they can see as they wont tend to check for clan recruitment if they're new or havent even started. Greetings! Just thought I'd create a post to recruit some lost members of the community who may have just started playing or are clan-less in the EU server Hao District. I've seen a lot of posts regarding new players starting up and are being left in the dirt or new players considering to play but dont know where or ho
  9. Greetings! Just thought I'd create a post to recruit some lost members of the community who may have just started playing or are clan-less in the EU server Hao District. I've seen a lot of posts regarding new players starting up and are being left in the dirt or new players considering to play but dont know where or how to start. Initially me and my friend created this clan to be able to make the Hongmoon pellets, other than that we found it has quite awesome benefits but we're only at lvl 4 right now. Our clan is made up of a tight-knit group who knew each other from othe
  10. Yeah from HM9 to 10 is 12m XP, i thought that was tough but anyway just ignore that XP bar and just go about doing dailies and stuff and when it levels it levels, LOL. So its taken about a week and i moved 12% so not too bad haha. I suppose it can easily be done if we take hongmoon soup (or delicious soup or something) and nolife at frost basin or something for few hours a day.
  11. That is my main concern, I feel like I am being forced into this upgrade or else even after event, I will lose the opportunity to use the Nebula stone and prices will not even drop by much, im guessing they will but only ever so slightly. So for me it is a lose-lose situation, again being rushed to upgrade or lose out even more.
  12. So it seems we as players have turned a good thing into a bad thing. The stupid prices of materials have skyrocketed to the point it has nullified any gains from the mushroom event and possibly even a loss. I will take just 1 example from upgrading from true pirate to true breeze you need 190 stingers Prior to event. This would have cost me on EU server roughly 418G (2.2g per stinger). During event the prices have gone up to 3.2G per stinger. That is now costing me 135x3.2 = 432G (LOL). OK so the event allows us to use a Nebula stone in place of a weapon we have
  13. So I went to do the pigsty clearance x100 for achievement "Makin' Bacon" which is supposed to give 35 points but I was only awarded 15 points?? What is all this about? anyone else had wrong achievement points awarded also? it's not easy doing this crap 100x, then to be cheated out of points is really frustrating! OR is it the achievement points are awarded 35p in total? where by 10x = 10p, 20x = 10p, 100x = 15p (total 35p??), I was always under the impression that 10x gave 10p, 20x gives an extra 20p in its own right, and 100x gives 35 ontop, and the value shown in the
  14. So you are posting this to toot your own horn? just another showoff topic. move along now.
  15. To the OP, just do your faction dailies, even if you have not done any faction dailies before, it should take u around 2-3 daily rounds to get to private first class. As soon as you hit rank Private first class (which isnt very hard at all), You can farm the misty faction mini bosses which usually have groups of ppl doing it so you wont be alone anyway. Kill those bosses 3 x (cos each time u only get around 7 insignias , u need 15 to trade for the breakthru weapon). So yeah you dont have to PVP for it. Even though faction quests are pvp-enabled, you could try to
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