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Constant annoying crashes


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Dear NCSOFT. Id like to know just what the hell you are doing during your "maintenance". Initially at launch i was forced to disable Chroma SDK cause apparently your game crashes if it is on. Fair enough i did that. Then yesterday you bring another patch out that was supposed to FIX that issue but instead you. I instacrashed on the NCSOFT logo. Fair enough i did a bit of reading and yea i enabled Chroma SDK again. Yesterday evening game was playable. Then today i just log in play (max 5 min) and crash no. 1 happened. whyyyyy?????????? Do you think i have free time to waste in queues? what the hell man. So i log back in game. played for a bit and AGAIN! crash!!!!! why????????? i already threw in over 150 EUR for this game and wtf is this now? You literally force me to UNINSTALL razer chroma stuff because you cannot fix it? this is unacceptable!


Fix the problem please!

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