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  1. Banned for what?

    yes i thought the same like u. i work in software development too and i know all too well that ppl generally lie to get what they want. initially i did feel safe too cuz i know i dont use hacks or macros or bots or anything else. i have a gaming mouse but i didnt even remind keys on it either. so today in the morning i did read a lot of stuff on reddit and i noticed that a huge ban wave hit tons of "innocent" ppl. i investigate some of the claims ppl made. wrongfullt banned etc. and as i always thought and knew: these ppl prob deserved the ban. i mean i play arena daily and ppl in lobby even admit they use macros cuz ncsoft dont care anyways etc all these jokes. so yea initially i found this ban wave soft of amuzing cuz all the ppl i saw that got banned were all pretty high lvl high end geared etc so i thought: yea these ppl prob used macros or anything else and did idd deserve it. BUT then i came across a post of some1 that is 430 AP doesnt do pvp or SSP and also got banned. so i do wonder a bit now. i daily trade my gold from dailies from alts to my main. including soulstones. still the ban happened yesterday and i was able to play so im not banned.
  2. Can't do anything right..... #NCFAIL

    They have not managed to get rid of bots yet. A while ago i was wondering the same and thought that the bots we have currently r only seasonal cuz BnS was new/popular but... well just look ^_^
  3. Can't do anything right..... #NCFAIL

    hahaha no im a bit older than 14. also im not comparing everything to eventually conclude yea that is true or nah thats wrong since there is rarely times of true and false. its more about commitments and thus most claims simply cannot be true because its only 1 side of the coin. i am working in actively in development for over 7 years now and i am aware of the cycles involved when it comes to change especially on old things. I myself absolutely despise touching very old code bases cuz .... its so old and u dont know shit anymore what does what. as a result of that core things stay most of the time untouched. Best example imo is windows where the kernel didnt rlly evolve since NT which is why MS is looking for kernel developers to catch up ^^
  4. Can't do anything right..... #NCFAIL

    what makes u think KR version is more optimized? like seriously now. Because ppl claim they fixed memory leaks? even if these were fixed do u honestly think the performance boost would be noticed from fresh play? no. Its a common misconception to claim "They have more new stuff. Their version is better. Their version must be more optimized" when in reality it is not. I know we had sth like that with TERA too. When ppl claimed the KR version doesnt have fps drops on menus etc. Well.. they do too. Unless i see actual proof of that (FPS Benchmarks with SAME conditions meaning same player-count, same environment, same machine etc im just gonna claim that this is not true. Not saying im right with that one. I may be wrong and i may underestimate our version but i think im on the safe side.
  5. Can't do anything right..... #NCFAIL

    yea they could do all that but it would mean some more work. idk how much staff they actually have in charge of BnS or how much they actually DO against the bot waves. Maybe they just want to wait it out, since BnS is still "relatively" new here in the west and has ofc its fair share of bots. I always thought these bots have weird names like sjhjengwg or iepokedvsdg etc but not website names. well idk im not rlly paying attention to names tbh. i just see a spammer and its insta blocked
  6. Can't do anything right..... #NCFAIL

    destro bots disappeared from arenas cuz it is not viable anymore (gold wise). gem hammers is sth else. and yea i do agree that suspicious names could be found with some script too. would it be right? definitely not. NO serious game company will ever ban a user based on the account/character name (unless its ofc inappropriate and conflicts with ToS). Many innocent accounts would get banned in the process too. No im quite sure admins most likely do not play the game. even our CM only plays occasionally for promos. This leaves many problems unresolved/open/unknown. Which brings me to the forums.... I have noticed this new trend of games having their forums and bug sections but i dont really believe that admins go through all the stuff themselves. Usually its the CM that reports key events to their superiors etc. Maybe they do have meetings where the problem gets spoken out my the CM but then gets silenced by admins saying no it cannot be done or no its not worth the effort for this little result or even no we wait with that for BnS 3.0 patch etc etc etc.
  7. Can't do anything right..... #NCFAIL

    while ur suggestions r true they r also false. A lot of things r actually engine bound. Ofc over the years components have been changed/upgraded but we r talking about external things here. The core is still the same as it was b4 and most likely will never be touched to begin with. You wouldnt change ur atom reactor core while its running would u?.... The game was in development for uuh 5 years give or take? it was first announced i think 2007. That being said i think i should explain to u why the engine does infact matter in this case. its simple rlly. ITS OLD! Especially the netcode. I could go on here now and explain more but im not gonna to give certain ppl certain ideas. Im just gonna say that if you know something is "old" you can do certain things with it that were not possible before. Banning: i have mentioned this tons of times. you cannot just ban some1 based on the character/account name. Thats now how this works. "But what about recognized RMT" etc. AGAIN. Engine/Netcode capabilities...nvm not saying that either. it would give ppl ideas. For every character reported ncsoft has to do an invenstigation into that characters naughty activities etc. That being said NCSoft does eventually ban them the time they got banned 5 new ones popped up and the circle continues. Now ofc you could do more ingame things to prevent/gate bots from progressing and/or having it so easy but since we r playing an asian game with korea beeing in charge....communication between KR and ncwest has to go on meaning b4 anything gets considered to be altered KR will get it first and AFTER THAT we would. But yea i agree on that one. Bots could most definately have it a looooot harder ingame than they do now. Forum Spammers: well this is also avoidable. Im curious as to why they still didnt do that yet given the fact that the bots just keep spamming and spamming and have the mods cleanup after. Its an easy fix however makes it harder for users to register for their game account/forum. Get the picture here? ;) it feels like a compromize NCWest is not willing to make..... which is...kinda poor if u ask me. would any potential new player have anything against captcha? nah dont think so.
  8. Ping Overlay

    reddit discussion is HERE
  9. Ping Overlay

    Hey made this lil overlay to see if im lagging or not. It allows some customization via xml file also. here r some screens: Configuration is done via konfigurasjon.xml -ScreenIndex: Used if u have several screens. its 0 based so if u have 2 screens and bns is running on ur 2nd screen it would be 1. 0 means the first screen (usually main screen). -Screen_Offset_X / Y: The location of the window. Im running 1980x1080p and the values seen here r used by me too (like on the screenshot). -HostServer: This is the server you want the ping from. To check you can open the task manager etc im sure most know. Look for the IP with port 10100! IMPORTANT: do not attach the port on the address. Only enter the IP. - PingInterval: well its sort of self explaining. The interval inbetween pings in milliseconds. Pls note this was meant as a quick and dirty way just to see my ping. I did not do any tinkering which is why settings r handled via the xml file. If theres suggestions tho i might be willing to implement these too. Here is the Virustotal incase some r scared of malware etc all that: VirusTotal Scan And here is the actual program itself: MEGA DL Link Please tell me if its not working or sth. PS: The used IP is from windrest.
  10. I agree. These mods here basically just do damage prevention which isnt rlly possible as most threads contains some form of complaint. @Kaid I know what u mean. i understand and support ur ideology. I have been playing BnS from launch. I remember filled areas all over the place. Instance matchmaking was possible in a matter of seconds. It was full everywhere where ppl basically fought over mobs for quests. Even here on this forums there was complaints towards NC to increase the mob count cuz there was more players than mobs. Anyhow as time moved on and the hype was over the population itself also suffered a severe drop. So yea that sucked. Now you are left with a soso populated server where most is mid/high lvl hanging out in the new l50 dungeons. the rest b4 is now left4dead tbh. lvling at this stage is a pain. its 10h pure grind basically. So yea i can understand that. when it comes to nsh however idk. last time i was there was maybe 2 wks ago or sth and then there was still some ppl in it. Seeing as u posted this thread at around midnight yesterday might be the reason. many ppl had to work and maybe went to bed early. idk just speculating since as i said: i wasnt there for more or less 2 wks. If ur thinking or considering BDO i have to disappoint u too. Considering ur ideology ur not going to like it as i myself hated it to its guts. There was nothing in that game that stood out for me. nothing at all. That beeing said....DOOM? ^^" theoretically u should like that too XD
  11. [PvE]Solo Poh

    kite warlock when it creates the thrall for as long as u can. avoid combat. if u do it right u force the warlock to come to u and thus leaving the thrall behind. now u got 2 options: either u try to rush/stun as soon as it is in range OR u kite even more. option 1 only works for low elo ppl as most locks know ur going to attemp a stun and call their thrall when they know they r at the threshhold of targetting. personally i go with option 2 most of the time. kite some more. doing so the lock will have gotten u into combat by now and most of them start their nuking rotation. what i usually do then is iframe all BUT STILL KITE! u know.. dragon helix all that visual fx stuff they do. anyways...when the thrall is about to die ENGAGE! try to do it b4 the thrall disappears as most warlocks dont rlly pay attention to the timer. u can sort of estimate when it is about to disappear so somewhere inbetween then. do ur normal dps rotation and pressure as much as u can. try to prevent the warlock from resummoning. keep pressure up. when they do that uuuh thing on the ground where u cant stun etc just phantom grab them out. TLDR: kite on thrall spawn. engage late age of thrall. iframe the nukes using ur z or v or tab/f
  12. ...i get it. u said stuff b4 and ofc now u cant just ignore what u previously said cuz that would make u look weird? so instead u continue to play on with the white knight card. i would like to refer to a thread some mod made but im too lazy to check the link now and besides im sure u know of it urself in which the mod basically said that the hacked accounts got hacked cuz of either 3rd party software or using the same email/pass combination on another compromised site. Ontop of that i also want to say that i said this even b4 the mod mentioned it. so because users cannot just shadap and take it as some other form of "lie" is created. only human. lost sth and want it back. @Yomachi this is not how this works for this business. Gold sellers make money by selling gold. What is often lost or not thought about is that goldsellers also capture ppls accounts. there r proper goldsellers and there r pretend goldsellers. the pretend goldsellers pretend to sell gold when all they want is ur account info which then gets sold the the gold seller (for money) or both work together in which case the gold seller takes all gold from the hacked account and uses the hacked account to continue advertising on chats. another reason for ppl getting hacked is well... hacks? this increased amount of cheaters in arena makes new or even old ppl jelly and search themselves on google for these mighty cheats which in most cases turn out to be keyloggers. The account gets captured. all valuables sold and the gold mailed to the actual goldseller. The real gold seller itself is in 90% of cases some1 without the name qhfohegiwgiwbg. All he does is trade the sold gold. these weird name characters just farm or advertise. If a site such as ncsoft gets hacked by a hacker i can assure u the hacker will do everything to get all data asap because the leak might be fixed fast and then the hacker is sad.
  13. so this is what it has come to? being labelled white knight because of thinking logical and actually knowing what is going on? let me put it into words u might even understand: there is a difference of talking a lot of crap and knowing what ur talking about. if u dont know jack about botting, hacking, servers etc then in most cases its best to shut up and not try to act smart as if u know sth because u do not. as i stated in a previous post...all it does is make ppl that actually know this stuff pissed off because ur spreading bull. if ncsoft servers were hacked u think it would only be the couple 10 threads here with "help my account got hacked?" and u even dare to tell these "white knights" that they r clueless? oh god this hurts to even type. educate urself and then read this forum again. being labelled white knight for talking actual gaming i guess.
  14. HUGE breaches in NCsoft account "security"

    yes while that all is true the issue of hacker obtaining users credentials is questionable. who knows? maybe these hacked accounts were on sites they shouldnt have gone to. downloaded sth they thought would help them play (ex. bots, hacks, etc) but instead downloaded like in 90% of cases a keylogger. this to me seems the only logical conclusion cuz u dont see that many hacked accounts. ontop it helps gold sellers obtain more "accounts" to obtain gold / trade /spam / etc. another possibility is that some hacked accounts used the same email/password combination used on a less secure site which got compromised. in any way i dont think the owners of the hacked accounts r 100% innocent. but still. having said that and just trying it myself too. being able to just change ur email address without validating that ur the owner of that email address should imo not be possible. this is sth very easy to implement but would boost account security tremendously