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Best PvE Build / Gems for Blade MasteR?


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as the topic says someone knows a good guide (not outdated pls ) for Blade Master or can someone post a decent PvE build? 


and which 4 gems should i use on my weapoN ;> actually i have Red -> extra dmg , green on block gain health over time ( this one is wrong i think^^ )  , Purple -> life leech and i dont know the color on evasion gain 50 crit and 2 sec immunity 


thanks for help 

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Pretty much the same gem build for every class.


Diamond + atk

Amethyst Leech on crit

Ruby Next two hits are crits (or extra damage if you cant get that one.)

Last one is kinda up to you. I like citrine leech gem but it really is up to you. 

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