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  1. Trying to get 60+ stable fps

    try this video this helped me alot ! got now constantly 120 fps+ outside a city ;D enjoy and tell me if this helped you ;) :D
  2. High Quality Fabric price?

    yea thats true... lets see what will come with the future patches ;) hopefully a fix or better system :D
  3. High Quality Fabric price?

    hm but i heared you need alot of HQ fabric things @ 50 maybe for guild outfit and so on ;)? so just keep it until lvl 50HM10 xD? because as i explained .. transmute costs are big ;o
  4. So if you go into your inventory transmution thing ... you can transmute HIGH quality fabric right? you need for it 20 fabrics, 10 soulstones and 5,5g -> so why they are actually so cheap in the auction house? normal fabric costs more than high quality? will price raise in the future? because you need it for guild outfit Oo? thanks for help ;)
  5. Failed to connect to server

    chat menawhile downtime ;)
  6. Failed to connect to server enjoy
  7. Server down?

    Happy Valentins day greetings Ncsoft ;D
  8. Failed to connect to server

    seems like no ;D sunday = no work or something @ncsoft ;D
  9. Failed to connect to server

    seems like no ;D sunday = no work or something @ncsoft ;D
  10. Failed to connect to server

    dont feed the troll!
  11. Hey, i just noticed when you wanna transmute gem fragments into a gem chest you can add at the bottom an item to make it critical or something? my question now -> which item i can put in? i cant find anything .. .-.- thanks for help
  12. Servers crashed ?!

  13. Servers crashed ?!

    twitter -> We are aware of the issue preventing some players from logging into the game and are currently investigating #BladeandSoul