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Disconnect Issue Error 1000,132,10054


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This issue is a serious matter alot of people are affected basically it doesn't allow us to even try the game i just installed the game and made a lvl 1 character but everytime i start it, it dc's and closes the game, i run on a high end pc 16gb memory, 780ti gtx, i7 processor , 1TB SSD harddrive . Note that this only happens with blade and soul and i play 1000 different MMO like games on steam and Battle.net.

Also i've been scouring the forums, reddit, other ncsoft forums for similar problems.

here's what i've tried to no avail.


Possible solutions i've tried but did not work:

  - Launcher file repair/ Clean Re install of the game.

- Disabling all non microsoft programs and startup via MSCONFIG.

- disabling Chroma keyboard thing even tho i dont use one, via Documents/bns file as suggested in other threads.

- Flushing my internet DNS via cmd  / aquiring a static IP / Changing back to dynamic and refreshing for new ips in hopes for new connection routes.

- Removing my Router connection and using direct modem line.

- the dude "miles" temp fix he made a thread somewhere here in the bug report forums.

-Updated all my drivers gfx, motherboard bios, etc.

- Deleting game guard and launcher files and reinstalling with not a single ncsoft file on my pc.


this has been going on since launch im at the point where im not going to bother working for a solution anymore im almost 200% sure its on the game devs end or some retarded gameguard file, also note that this is not the same issue with the dungeons portals or w/e , ive never seen the game ingame to begin with i cant get past the beginning cut scene or loading screen.



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1 hour ago, MiaBlue said:

My friend got the exact same problem, I'm trying to help him since yesterday... this is really annoying!

Share any kind of "fix" if you do find one, please :D

i wouldnt get my hopes up ive literally given up been looking since launch for a solution so basically around 2 weeks lol , just hope that the next maintenance or build fixes it cuz its 100% on their part 

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