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Earthen Clay is bugged on Marketplace


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The crafting material "Earthen Clay" is no longer showing up on the marketplace. I believe it is an error and that the marketplace is not correctly listing the item, rather than the market is simply out of the item due to demand.


Please look into this, Thank you.

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I've confirmed that it is indeed an error. The marketplace recognizes the material as "Grey Clay" rather than "Earthen Clay" when attempting to sell the item. Making it impossible to list/find the item. Unless you search for "Grey Clay" instead.


The item you receive in the end will be the Earthen Clay however.


Screenshot as proof



Please fix this!!

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I would say, every crafting material from Green Thumbs and Herbside Service are bugged. If you "Ctrl+Alt+LMB" the items, marketplace won't be able to find any,Example here , unless you know the "secondary" name the items have. So actually i can't craft because i can't find the items with their name changed.



Yellow Hibiscus (inventory) - Hibiscus (marketplace)

Tempered Clay(inventory) - Snow White Clay(marketplace)


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