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  1. Same, since maintenance, during boss fights, specifically when the "joint attack bar" shows up it freezes my screen till the bar is gone.
  2. That, my friend, is a simple message coded to make it harder, that easly says "restart your computer in order to apply the update". In every update.
  3. You , and me, or any other here, are not the same person. What is easy for you, may be hard for others, and vice-versa. and by far, community thinks FM is harder.
  4. Easy = no fun, no challenging, "i leave, i did all the new endgame content in 5 min". Hard = no fun, "only goldbuyers/no social life players can do it", "i leave i can do nothing". This games are to play for months, not for days. Learn, memorize, use Q and E and SS (yeah i know, you are the 1% that never die in dungeons because you iFrame) and if you still can't do it, maybe it's time to think that your gear is shiat* and need improvement, don't you think? PD: Today while doing Poharan 6-man's daily, i got an assassin using his weapon upgraded up to "blight".
  5. FM has the same problem, and still doable, not even with Burn DPS build. The frozen that nobody use.
  6. This crickets are posting solutions for the problem we don't have, so dumb. When we try to log in the launcher, it takes too long from "LOG IN" to "Connecting" and then "Logging in" till it fails for time out i guess. it's not responding their server. I don't have packets lost, it's the server not giving response.
  7. What update dude. didn't you read yet? we can't log in the launcher. read the title, if you have other error, find your post, not here "Login Failed (42)" ... And restarting our IP? We have static IP, not dinamic. and it's not our fault since we are from different countries/regions/servers etc etc.
  8. BHS has more HP than Mushin. Has also def, acc, block, HP, crit, evasion... you can get the stats you want. You get all the M. set in 1-2 runs to Mushin's Tower, and then you go replacing it with BSH. Or mix both 3 and 5. PD: The guy with 3k+ crit, it's ovb he has full Siren gear. each jewelry piece gives you 150+ crit than the infernal.
  9. People behind the flame can roll for items WTF NCSoft. If they don't fight, they should get nothing, maybe then they move till the portal you talking about and bid there or do it while moving. But 90% of you, stay in the boss room where we fought, and don't even move till the bid ends. SO it takes even more time than it should. AND if you don't want the item, PASS fast, don't fkin wait 10 seconds like a cricket, and if you want it, BID. And for bid i don't mean copper by copper like a cricket. And start using Q, E and SS, it's being time... even with free dragonblood the people still dies to D
  10. i7 950 - Nvidia 660GTX . not a rocket pc. game stays at 60fps as it was before the update. not better, not worst.
  11. From Spain to EU Windrest. Login failed (42).
  12. Windrest EU - same error the last hour. i got dc from game and now perma this
  13. i was soloing Narrows lvl 18-20 with my 45. Why? Blight Fang for crafting, the class-specific necklage (that didn't drop, not even the wrong class) and to farm Healing potions + restoring food. Blackwyrm consumes too much and farming at 45 zones takes lot of time for nothing, i farmed 2 hours and got only 10 pots+10 foods. but farming that dungeon gave me 60+ in 6 runs (~25min)
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