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EU or NA? NA or EU?


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Hello everyone, this is a little "guide" I guess you could call it. I noticed a lot of issues have been coming up with the EU side of things and I understand most of the players there might be a little upset since they're not always able to play the game due to issues arising on the EU servers if you would like to join the NA server or NA players would like to join the EU server there is a easy solution without having to redownload the entire client and this I will be sharing with you. This was not found by me this was shown on reddit in order to run the client without the NCLauncher or in order to run it with the Steam Overlay.
1.) Make your way to; "C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BnS\bin"
2.) Open Notepad copy the following depending the server you're trying to play;
start Client.exe /launchbylauncher /sesskey /CompanyID: "12" /ChannelGroupIndex: "-1" /LoginMode 2 -lang:English -region:1
start client.exe /LaunchByLauncher /SessKey:"" /MacAddr:"" /UserNick:"" /CompanyID:"0" /ChannelGroupIndex:"-1" /ServerAddr:" " /StartGameID:"BNS" /RepositorySub:" " /GamePath:"" /LoginMode 2
3.) Once you've copied and pasted one of the above into the notepad, save it as a .cmd
4.) Locate the file you have just saved in ""C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BnS\bin" and double click it
5.) Hit run and enjoy playing on the EU or NA servers!
This will only work as long as your files are up to date so occasionally run the normal NCLauncher Shortcut to make sure your files are up to date. This also works for those of you who want to run Japanese or Korean voice packs (or any voice pack for that matter) without it being deleted everytime you launch the client however I will not get into how to do that. Keep in mind when you launch the launcher to update the files, the .cmd file you created along with your voicepack is deleted from the bin folder, so make sure you back those up before you repair/update your game. Hope this helped someone, welcome to the other server! Also keep in mind your characters do not transfer between servers, also I don't know if your premium transfers between servers, if it does someone please leave a comment so I can update this section!

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