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how do you counter assassin?


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Aoe moves can break stealth, you can see the outline of the sin easily enough you could launch that ice dragon and hit him with it(Since it affects a line and not just a Target it can hit)


As a Sin I've used Poison Breath to do the same thing.


Also watch for the black aura on their hands, thats Decoy and most attacks will stealth them behind you. Also the white smoke can iframe Ranged attacks, just save your focus until they leave and becareful of Hidden Leaf/Mine combo for a quick Invasion stealth as well.

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Most ranged classes I fight, run backwards moving around trying to kite me out of stealth.


This is the one match up I will say, you might be at a huge disadvantage.


I've fought a couple FM's that can perma freeze me it seems like, even when I stealth and hit them I get froze and they are stunned out of range.


Stay moving, and shooting ice. Otherwise there isn't much your going to do.


FM is my easiest fight. Against most I can literally stand in my smoke bomb without a fear in the world, if they advance to knock me out of it I normally punish them for getting close so I can't really help you.


In my eyes, until an FM proves me other wise, your just a free kill unless I burn my SS not thinking and you freeze me facing the wrong direction. (Even still I believe counter works so there's not much you can do to hurt me)


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FM is hardcounter to sin so just get more matches to ur stats ^.^ Fm is somewhat one of most hardest class to master in pvp and takes tons and tons of matches

For a start 1 put them out of stealth as you can see their shadow

Save grip in most scenarios to smoke if sin has specced it.

Remember Q and E iframes and ofc specced V.

After uve faited decoy duration you can freefire for 6sec depending does sin have ss and screen on cd. Do counting in ur head where sins decoy cd is going

Stay >8yard away from sin at all cost when he uses decoy, backstep if needed



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