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Sin vs BM PvP


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Tips yes umm..


When opponent.. be it bm, bd, destro is far away there is high chance they are gonna stun charge towards you. This can be countered by spamming Q so moment when they come at you and you don't have sky high ping their long cd gets wasted.


2ndly more web usage as it allows more restealths. 3 into web, Z into web, aerial into web near the ground not at the air (do not try with aerieal finisher vs compenant opponents just do basic air combo and wait till opponent falls).


Some ppl like C iframe and some 3sec stun. I myself personally use stun in 90% of scenarios. You can chain upto 7sec stunlock to opponent with tab on cd


Later during lv30s u get silver string ( is this western version name) and its different finisher variations. They can be forced to apply new stealth or aerial combo


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