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questions that i couldnt find a answer


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Hi , I couldnt find search section of forum so i have few questions , if you answer i am glad

1)In faction window (press "p" and select faction ) there is "faction leader" ... what is that  ? why it says none

2)is there any way to create 3v3 team like wow ? or you can only play random or with privite room or party only ? i mean , cant we create a teams like we did in world of warcarft ?

3) if my second questions answers is "no" then should i play only with my team mates ? i mean for example "i create a party or room with my friends and did a few matchs ...after that when i want to 3v3 again and if there is no online friends who we did matchs before then can i resume to gather another team and my points wont be reset ? cuz i changed my team mates ? i guess there is no team-based system...

4)1v1 and 3v3 ratings are separeted or what ? how is the rating system ?


5)1v1 and 3v3 rewards are same or different ? i mean can i get all rewards etc... with 1v1 only ? or i must do 3v3 too to get some rewards ?


6)in 3v3 other players rating will effect my rating  if i win or lose ? if i party with high rated players then can i get more points/rating per win ?

7)at world pvp with contribution points , i ranked up ? and it unlocks  what kind of rewards/quests ? or only Title ?

8)i saw a special tournament in offical bs forums @ pvp section ? is that offical tournament or special user crafted tournament ? if we cant create stabile arena teams then how can we create those events/tournaments ?

9)preseason tournament means that its like warming up to tournaments right ? then when will our points ratings ranks etc.. will get reset ?
actually our ratings w/l ratios will get reset or not ?

sorry for bad english , i hope u understand my points..

thank you

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1. No idea


2. Never played WoW


3. I don't really get this. You can play with friends and points will increase/decrease. You can play with randoms and those same points will increase/decrease. Doesn't reset.


4. 1v1 and 3v3 are two different things. From low elo you win lots of points and it evens out the higher you get.


5. I believe there's outfits that can only be bought if you're a certain rank in one of the two. Example being "Plat in 1v1 for <Outfit 1> and Plat in 3v3 for <Outfit 2>" You get more xp and zen beans in 3v3 but zen beans are not given until next update.


6. Not sure how the elo system works exactly. 


7. You get access to the higher lvl faction outfits and I think items at the faction merchants.


8. No


9. No idea

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