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Should I change professions?


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I had gone with Merry Potters, Green Thumbs, Soul Wardens, and Tree Fellers - however, I feel like it's not really that useful to me. Profit from Serpent Calling Bell isn't worth the time invested. Pickaxes and Jars simply take too long - it's easier just to farm the silvers to buy it off of the market. The only useful one of the 4 is maybe Soul Wardens since I can craft Moonwater Transformation Stones (hopefully) when it is higher leveled.


I need more Unsealing Charms so I'm considering changing professions. Would this be wise?


What professions would you recommend?


(Also, if anyone knows the ingredients to crafting Unsealing Charms - that work for Lv45+ gears - please let me know).

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