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Unable to accept new daily quests


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I have a repeating bug that has been ongoing for several days. My Daily quest limit today sitting at 30/40 and I get a message that I needed to abandon quests before accepting any new ones. Thing is I have literally no active quests outside of the Final Old Man Cho quest and the End game Quest for "Chapter 1" that you cannot advance yet. My quest log is empty and I have 10 more dailies I should be able to do. Now the thing is this is random. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't. Today when it happened I was able to pick up quests from certain NPC's but then not others. Then when my quest log got to 39/40 I received the "You must abandon some dailies before accepting new ones" again, I have 1 more daily should be able to do and my quest log is empty. 


Character: Scox

Server: Mushin

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