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  1. Hi, I'm interested in joining your clan. Left a message on your discord.
  2. Warlock in full effect, along with daily 4 mans and NL runs. Stop by and see us.
  3. Scox


    thanks Voison
  4. The withdrawing of gold would make it easier if we needed to buy soulstones is all. Honestly, if they just added a "last on" to the Clan interface it would make life so much easier.
  5. I actually forgot two things: * Add the ability to charge a guild tax or tithe to members so ranking up the clan is easier. * Allow the Guild Leader to withdrawal gold from the Clan fund in order to buy materials needed to rank up the clan.
  6. The Clan interface in BnS leaves a little to be "desired". Trying to manage a Clan can be arduous at times, but there are a few changes that would make it much easier. Here are a few of my suggestions, please feel free to respond with any improvements of your own. * Show "Last on" for each clan member * Allow us to add and subtract ranks in the Clan * Allow us to rename Clan Ranks *Add the ability to send in-game mail messages to the entire clan at one time (leader only) * Allow leaders to add "Officer notes" on clan members in the interface which can be viewed
  7. Yep, wait for it to be in the game.
  8. Only 2 more days until "Unchained" drops, Have you got your talent scroll yet? Several of our members do, we run 4 man's daily. Stop by and get on the Pain Train.
  9. Just a week until #Lockdown on March 2nd. Woot, can't wait for Warlock.
  10. We are getting ready for the big content drop on March 2nd are you?
  11. Stop by and visit us on TS, join in the fun and friendship.
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