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Experience in Arena PvP - FM 31


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First Match:

Level 45 Blademaster

Stunlocked Round One. Despite having a break, it didn't work. Still stuck in the same place. Just couldn't do anything at all.

Couldn't do damage in round two. Every single attack did less than 200 points of damage regardless of what I threw.


Second Match:

Level 35 Kung Fu Master

Did nothing but spam counter. Also stunlocked for over half of the match for the same reasons as Match 1. At least damage worked this time.

Second Round, more counter spam. (That yell is giving me a headache already.) Why the hell do they get to reflect everything back every half second over and over, then charge halfway across the arena? Admittedly I haven't played one yet.. but first impression is that it's annoyingly stupid. Can't hit them.. the only thing you're allowed to do is let them yell over and over.

Oh, that and air juggling is such a thing. 


Third Match:

Level 41 Assassin

Started out okay, but then he started doing these counters that caused him to do nothing but disappear. I know where he goes.. and that's okay, but even if I hit him with an AoE, he doesn't get spotted and that's after he gets to do a crapton of damage as a result.

The poison is stupidly annoying too, and everything he's got, he's able to do this stupid grapple move over and over.. and over.

There's nothing I have that gets to do that kind of control.. what the hell?


More as I deal with these stupid Arena Quests.



For the common response in this subforum, I'll head you off. "Git Gud" .. kay, that's out of the way.


Every time I try to research what the hell I'm supposed to do with this class, I get stuff that's out of Korea I can't understand, or there's just nothing. The fact that we're behind a number of patches or whatever means that any CURRENT info from dedicated players doesn't apply here.

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So it seems that "CC Online" is right. Frost is usable in PvP, fire is not. After going back and looking at my skills I seem to either be doing better or the people thrown at me are worse.


Fourth Match:

?? Blademaster

While he was able to block/deflect a lot (I really can't tell when people are using any sort of defensive thing?) I was able to punch through it anyway with a few things.

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When I too first started pvp with fm at 30 range during open beta I had very rough awakening. I think score was like 5-15 and neightbours prolly wondered if I had everything okay cuz of that all screaming.

Anyway worst thing was lack of skill points plus so many spells will be unlocked at late 30 and at max lv. Yet alone at max lv fm is starving skill points.


Did 50+ matches with other classes plus watched tons of vids and eventually came back to test out fm lil later. This time it was 15-5 and half of those loses could have been avoided if I would even have lv36 main defense skill. Key to success was not to rush and wait for those opportunities. Rushing chill stacks into freeze is also bad in some cases.

Say in ur case for example that kfm... you wait for when counter ends and throw one or two spell. Theres 0,3sec between duration and cooldown.


Without going too much into detail cuz I haven't seen ur playstyle nor build I just say fm is one of those classes you just need to do tons of matches to get used to it.



Yea and next patch will give massive buffs to FM.


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I've managed to get to a 0.5 win ratio.. so I'm doing better.. but I still need to spend more time and identify the nuances. It is really easy to miss the counter notice... is there a buff/debuff icon that appears in these cases?

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While I'm having an extremely difficult time pvping with KFM at 44 currently (FM murders me often with kiting and roots - never seem to have enough movement/CC break) I have a feeling FM does take a bit more practice, good timing, and skill spec knowledge than, say Destroyer or Summoner.


So in other words, keep practicing.

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The destroyers I've fought appear to be just trying to soak it all.

Against KFM, I literally have to guess when I'm in between their counters (and then just use frost.. because trying to do both will get something reflected at you.)

Against Assassins? ... going to have to soak the invisible attacks, or throw them out with an AoE if it's available.


Dare I say thinking back on last night, I had fun in Arena PvP at least a little bit? Some of the matches were super-close, especially against a Destroyer and one particular assassin.

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Level 44 FM trying out PvP and it is fun but honestly, people who know what they are doing I have very little chance against and it doesn't seem to help if I hit them between deflects etc. My damage output is simply not high enough it seems. I am currently 10W 4L something but that is mostly because I played versus people who don't know what they are doing and lower levels. Anyone know when that famed patch that is the FM saviour will be coming? :D

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