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Blackram Supply Chain Questions

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So got a few questions which I'll ask as short as possible:


1. Can you do it cross-server with pugs?

Whenever I'm going into cross-server tonight, I can seem to select w/e dungeon BUT the Blackram Supply one.


2. Whats the difference between the open & the dungeon?

I went in after finding 6 ppl and came across other ppl in the same instance. Someone told me in the party that its because its not the dungeon, but the "raid-like" area.

Where can I enter/do the dungeon and whats the difference between those?


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1. Yes, the reason you can't que for it is because your weapon isn't good enough. You can easily just gather 5 other players and run into the dungeon. It is straight north from the E. Fleet supply chain dungeon, i.e the 24man one.


2. The difference is that Blackram Supply Chain dungeon is 6man and E. Fleet one is 24man open dungeon. The open dungeon is just as it sounds, when you zone in your get put in a channel and you see other players from that channel running around inside. The Blackram Supply Chain is just like any previous dungeon, in other words you don't get put into a channel and you only see your own party.


The 24man, E.Fleet one, is the easier of the 2.

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