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Sealed Blight Staff... missing?


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So I haphazardly opened my last Locked Blight Weapon Chest and to my surprise got exactly what I was looking for: the Sealed Blight Staff I needed to transform my weapon. However, I opened my inventory expecting to find it and, well, it wasn't there! And yes, I am aware that the overflow inventory menu exists, but it didn't show up either, so it should have gone right into my inventory, right?


In any case, it's mysteriously not there and I'm understandably annoyed, since I thought I had just found what I was looking for all this time, only to have it snatched away from me. Perhaps there's a bug that causes another item's notification to show up as Sealed Blight Staff? I have a number of sealed blight weapons in my inventory, so I could have just gotten an extra bangle or something, but just been shown the wrong notification.



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