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  1. I'm having some real trouble trying to get my game to start in a reasonable amount of time, if even at all. When I click play now and the launcher minimizes, it just stays on that splash screen for up to 10 minutes or longer, up to a point where I just cancel and try again until it works. Anyone have a fix?
  2. Is the server lagging? 2/15/2016

    Seriously lagging today for some reason... It's a strange kind of lag for me though, it's as if I have no lag, but my attacks are happening in sequence 2 or 3 seconds after I press the button..

    I assumed you were talking about not being able to find the samples for the guilds, in that case I would just search the name and location for it on google images.

    For any type of samples, you're best to look up a guide for exactly what you're looking for, as they don't appear on the map. In the case of magnolia sap, (It's called paulownia sap here, but as far as I know this is an older version) As for the menu being limited, that's due to the levels for the guilds being too low. Once you start making and receiving orders it will increase. If you open your crafting menu, in the bottom left there are tabs that should say something along the lines of "All", or "Order Available", if you click all, you'll see everything you can make in the guild along with it's required materials and level. Hope this helps :)
  5. Outfit Clipping

    So I just got my shiny new awakened Siren gauntlet, but I have a really nit picky problem, a lot of my outfits clip through the weapon since it goes up the whole arm of the character. I don't know if this would be an easy fix or not but just pointing it out.
  6. how to make money ?!

    The most profitable crafting guilds right now are probably Merry Potters and Soul Wardens for tempered clay refiner/purification jar and moonwater transformation stones, respectively. There's a lot of initial investment but once you get it you're set pretty much. As for the PvE quests, he means E. Fleet, Blackram 6, Bloodshade and Nightshade etc, then the "Big 4" dungeons in misty woods (Twin lords, Ogong, etc). Between all of those, you should have close to 8G. Then the PvP dailies, you may sell the soulstones from those if you wish, which could net you up to 5-6G depending on your server and prices. It's pretty easy to earn money.
  7. how to make money ?!

    You could always try crafting, but if you haven't got any experience crafting it's going to take a while to get the hang of it, and if you haven't started, you can use your money from dailies to fund it up until the higher tiers. As the man says though, in the business of crafting, you have to spend money to make money.
  8. Mainatainance extended!

    Server up
  9. Moonwater Transformation Stone prices

    I was beginning my big 4 dungeons in misty woods and forgot to price check the tears before I went in, I asked a guildmate to check them and he said 46 silver, I couldn't figure out if that was for 1 or for 2, you can guess which one it was. Refiner has dropped a bit but is otherwise staying stable, likewise with soulstones. Hopefully the new update will see a big increase in demand.. Better start stockpiling now!
  10. So I know these stones are in high supply now that a high number of players have, but these stones are selling for below 4.50 gold on EU servers, leaving little to no room for profits for the crafter. Why do people sell these at such low prices? I can understand that they may want to get the stones sold as soon as possible, but the prices are just dipping too low for there to be any hope of benefiting from crafting them, which is a shame considering how long it takes to build up the guilds to craft them. What are your thoughts on these prices? do you craft the stones yourselves? Curious to hear what people think.
  11. Need help finding a specific outfit

    If you press F3 in-game it will open up a wardrobe interface, here you can see all the available outfits and adornments in the game. Shift + clicking on an item displays it on a character, so you can go through them until you find the one you're looking for.
  12. Is crafting worth the time?

    On my server, Greenhollow, all the materials first go around would be worth in total about 40-45G, that's without adding anything that I've already got. Stones sell for 7-9G on my server.
  13. Is crafting worth the time?

    My plan is to use up the remaining materials I've gathered for cinderlands stones, keep selling them and when they're finished they're finished. In the meantime I'm doing all Blackram and Moonwater dailies to build up my gold. I'm planning to buy all the materials for the moonwater stones first time round, and when I get enough profit from those I'll buy the technique and make it cost less to carry out. It's getting the initial funds to start them that's the problem but after that it looks like smooth sailing to me.
  14. BRAVO FOR TODAYS HOTFIX! (Spam no more)

    Very impressed with how they're dealing with this. Great response times and listening to the community, I see good things for this game in the future for EU/NA.
  15. Verification code on every login

    I thought as much when I seen an unverified location.. Good to know it happens to others.