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Lag in PVP?


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I'm from Indonesia and i'm lagging hard when i'm pvp'ing sometimes. Its so hard to execute combos even tho i use the blade dancer which is doesn't require any good timing in doing combos. And the lag is so bad that i sometimes can't even do anything until maybe 10 minutes in the arena ( i can't go out or log out because in the arena so i have to restart the computer).

I dont know if anybody else has that problem, but me? yeah.

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2 minutes ago, Forcekin said:

I get pings between 30ms and 300ms. I live around 155 miles from the server.

Are you going to lag playing on EA/NA from SEA? I don't see how you wouldn't.

Yea, if you have a ping monitor program you will see that the ping spikes between 30 ~ 100+ constantly, I live in CA and have 45~50 ping, but the problem is that the constant ping spikes.

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