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  1. Not sure who told you that in TW/JP/KR ppl worked for their legendaries, did you know they sold legendary weapons 30K each between players? Taiwan had roughly about 6 ~8 months dont remember exactly to prepare for their Baleful/seraph legendaries, we have less than 3 months, and guess what, it costs the same exact amount of materials. Taiwan also had another year to prepare for this upcoming legendary that just released in their region, but we are going to get all the contents before september because they already said they will have our content match the KR version for the world t
  2. its also funny how you said nobody cares, then proceed to write a huge story about your experience with how MMORPG should be. and when everyone is on the 3rd legendary weapon and you are still on the first one, then u probably know what I am talking about here.
  3. did you know CN gave out legendaries for free? because they opened a new server and they want everybody to have a chance to catch up? now did this happened in NA? the legendary in this game is not the same as the legendaries in other games, especially the early stage ones. If the so called P2W chinese server is willing to giveout lower stages of legendaries to help out players to catch up, I don't see why NA couldn't do it. And don't give me that bs where go play CN then if its so good. That is not how customer service should work.
  4. I dont think so, I did not run a lot of program, I remember this started to happen after some update after the game launches, maybe 2 weeks after the launch. During black wyrm fight I also have this issue.
  5. what happens is that the game freeze when the boss is around 50~60% HP, comeplete white screen, then comes back when it only has 20% left. I did a lot of comparison with my friends and guild mates, seems like many many people have this problem with i7. But i5 and E3 CPUs are doing very well in huge boss fights
  6. I just want to know why my game stop responding when there is a huge boss fight like Grand Harvest event
  7. your accessories are definitely far from ready.
  8. Around 6PM~12AM server time, the package loss is just unreal, I live in CA with 100mbps internet. It feels like I am playing on Chinese server or something, with the exact same lag and package loss. Is there any reliable VPN/ Ping booster? And a side question, meanwhile In Korea, Japan, Taiwan gets 5 ping average and they only have 1 server because their country size are much smaller than USA, BUT China also gets the 5ms ping, cuz they got more than 15 servers all over the country. Now when it comes to America, we only get one server, which locates in Texas, anyone who is not livin
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