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Very low FPS


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Hey, my computer can run just about any game with at least 20-30 fps and no lag during any part of the game on highest settings, on BnS however - I get 5-13 fps everywhere in the game, 5 in dungeons with other people and anywhere between 5-13 just roaming around killing mobs. Just need to know how I can optimize the performance , i've tried literally everything, i'm on the lowest settings right now and only getting 13 fps until i take a step and it drops from 5-10 and it's very annoying :(
Here's images of my DxDiag:
Hope I could get some tips :(

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It's mainly because of your Graphics card, Intel cards dont usually get along much with most modern games. If you still want to play with 50+ FPS and would be willing to completely destroy the Graphics Quality, go to settings and check "Optimize for low end PCs" That'll run the game in windowed mode with the lowest possible graphics, almost like some 2005 game.

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