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  1. Unable to open Wardrobe after maintenance/patch

    I've got less than 40 minutes of premium left, can't open wardrobe to get my outfits out before it expires...
  2. Chapter 12: Professional Courtesy

    Got it done, needed to refresh the adds by forcing a loading screen
  3. Very low FPS

    id love 20 lmao
  4. Very low FPS

    :/ i barely get 15 in any place
  5. Very low FPS

    I don't understand how I can perfectly run WoW and Skyrim with no lag but not BnS though :s
  6. Very low FPS

    Hey, my computer can run just about any game with at least 20-30 fps and no lag during any part of the game on highest settings, on BnS however - I get 5-13 fps everywhere in the game, 5 in dungeons with other people and anywhere between 5-13 just roaming around killing mobs. Just need to know how I can optimize the performance , i've tried literally everything, i'm on the lowest settings right now and only getting 13 fps until i take a step and it drops from 5-10 and it's very annoying :( Here's images of my DxDiag: Hope I could get some tips :(
  7. Decent PvE Summoner skill builds?

    Thanks :)
  8. Free Goodies for downtime

    I bought a signature pack for a week of premium and with all these server crashes and bugs within the game causing the game to crash, I think the premium players should get some sort of compensation for time missed out, maybe a day or 2 of free premium/ncoin/random items? Honestly love this game and have since the korean version came out, but the korean version never once crashed, nor did it seem to have any server problems and i remained a free player - this version has too many issues :s
  9. Decent PvE Summoner skill builds?

    I'm having trouble understanding how you can get by with just taunt, it doesnt seem to work for soloing anything because the taunt wears off way too fast and I end up dying or just getting by :s
  10. Good Summoner skill builds?

    Thank you :)
  11. Good Summoner skill builds?

    it has taunt... this comment helps no one
  12. Good Summoner skill builds?

    I'm wondering if anyone has any skill builds for a summoner that's PvE oriented (dungeons and quests), the current one I use now isn't doing too well in most situations and I'd like to know what's best to use - if anyone has any suggestions please do let me know D:
  13. Is it worth keeping and upgrading your Hongmoon weapon

    Hongmoon weapon gets progressively better over levels and is definitely worth keeping imho.
  14. Decent PvE Summoner skill builds?

    I'm wondering if anyone has any decent PvE builds for the summoner class, the one i'm using is my own and obviously isn't too good if I'm asking for help~ I find soloing some dungeons fairly easy and some just impossible, but for other summoners they're all extremely easy for them D: So if anyone could give any tips that'd be great! :D Edit: Going on level 36 now