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You have exceeded your purchase limit.


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I tried to purchase a 2nd Viridian Poison from the Hongmoon Store, and I get the message "You have exceeded your purchase limit".


1) why is there a limit as to what you can buy if you still have the NCoin to buy things with?

2) If there is a limit?  What is it?  (Again why is there a limit?  You want use to spend as much real cash as possible.)

3) The character I was trying to buy Viridian Poison has The Merry Potters as a crafting guild.  They use a lot of Viridian Poisons at Rank One.

4) I didn't have this problem during Alpha and Beta.


Please explain!


On a whim I decided to try to purchase a ten pack of Viridian Poisons from the Hongmoon Store.  This was accepted without an error message.  What is going on here?


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I've had a similar issue with Viridian Poisons as well, I purchased 10, then a single one, and tried to purchase another single, and that's when I got the message. I tried to spend some coins on some other stuff (i.e. food) and the purchase went through fine. I'm not sure if there's a limit to how many material items you can buy (I initially thought it was how much you could purchase from the shop in a time period -- which sorta makes sense to prevent account hacking and spending other people's in-game coinage -- also a pain for them to clean up).


Perhaps it's a bug. Did you open a support case? If so, let me know the end result :).

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