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  1. I agree, removing the Green Dungeons from the Cross-Server Dungeon Feature <F8> is a bad idea. If anything, they needed to add more Dungeons into the Cross-Server Dungeon list. Most of the Green Dungeons on the Viridian Coast can eventually be soloed. It gets harder for the Cinderlands, and even harder for the Moonwater Plains. This can especially be a problem where the reward from a Dungeon is required for a breakthrough, and it can't be traded or sold. So this will stifle the progression for any new players and/or characters. Yes, I know that Summoners and Force Masters can solo dungeons before the other classes, but that doesn't help those who like to play the other classes. The party finder feature doesn't work that well, and on low population times it's next to impossible to get any help. This is just going to frustrate new people and drive them away, instead of attracting new people to the game (new people, more opportunities to get real money from them). They need to reverse this decision soon and restore the Green Dungeons to the Cross-Server Dungeon list, and an even better idea, add all of the Dungeons to the Cross-Server Dungeon list.
  2. radiant ring has no accs

    I reported this bug on January 22, with no response. Crafting Rings and Earrings was present in both Alpha and Beta. And as soon as I could join the Radiant Ring in Live, I found these missing. The silence on this bug from the Developers has been deafening. In fairness, the code belongs to NCSoft Korea, and they are the one's to allow and approve all changes. If the removal of the ability to craft these accessories was deliberate, please just tell us. While I don't agree with the decision, I would like to have some feedback. The Rings and Earrings weren't that useful except to level Radiant Ring and The Stonecutters. They could be used to upgrade the "Hongmoon" jewelry, but they didn't give very much EXP. This is the link to my thread on this bug:
  3. I can't finish the "Familiar face quest"

    I have four Characters in the game, a Lyn, a Yun, and two Jins. I managed to complete this quest with all four, but with each one, unless I did everything just right my character face planted into the side of the mesa and slid down to the ground. Also, when I did everything just right, I barely made it to the edge of that target mesa. There is enough of the careful timing to play some of the classes properly, I don't like having "Jumping Puzzles" in the quests also. The distance or height on this quest needs to be adjusted. For me, I had the best luck with a "long" run towards the highest point, jumped there, and timed the glide at the top of the jump. If you did everything right, you will make it. Then the glide to the next quest is easy.
  4. The Radiant Ring has a bug

    Can we get a response to this Bug Report? This problem has existed since Launch! The removal of Rings and Earrings from the Radiant Ring severely limits advancement with this crafting Guild. Plus it removes a good cheap source of Accessory upgrade material. Please indicate that you agree that it's a problem. That you are waiting for NCSoft Korea to approve the fix. That NCSoft Korea removed this from the game. That it will be fixed in release N. The failure to communicate on this issue is very disappointing.
  5. The Radiant Ring has a bug

    Can we get an update from the Developers as to when the missing jewelry recipes will be restored to The Radiant Ring? They were present during Alpha and Beta. At present, Jeweler's Secret Technique - Viridian Coast produces no new recipes. Surely this is an indication that something is wrong. Please fix this, it has been broken since launch.
  6. Am I meant to be poor and week

    Upgrade your Hongmoon Weapon fist to level 5, then breakthrough with a Stalker Sword, then upgrade to level 10. Get the Stalker Sword from the Wheel of Fate, or just buy it from the Auction House. Get a complete Stalker Soul Shield set from the Wheel of Fate, and equip it. Then, once you are level 20, buy the Viridian Valor Soul Shield set from the vendor in Jadestone Village. As you can, reinforce it with other Soul Shields. Remember, any weapon (still sealed) can be used to upgrade a weapon. The same goes for the Hongmoon Necklace, Earring, and Ring. Any piece of Jewelry can be used to upgrade these. Remember to save the Plague Necklace, Wu Fu Earring, and Dura's Ring for the Breakthrough on the Hongmoon Jewelry. Of course, if you have duplicates, they can be used for upgrade EXP. As another commented, do all of the side (blue) missions, you should have plenty of food and healing potions. If you don't think you have enough, take Herbside Service, The Silver Cauldron, The Trapper's Alliance, and Acquired Taste and make your own Healing Potions and Food for a few coppers each. By level 20, with the Viridian Valor Soul Shield Set, you should be able to solo the dungeons that give the breakthrough jewelry. The Viridian Valor Soul Shield set has a nice set of stat boosts including a major jump in HP.
  7. Wardrobe Can't Be Opened

    After today's patch (1/27/2016), when attempting to open the Wardrobe <F3>, I recieve the following message "Ssytem: An error has occurred. Unable to open Wardrobe". Please investigate and fix this. It looks like your Wardrobe update has a new bug. Now it can't be used at all.
  8. Level 5 Spammer in Faction Chat

    There was a level 5 Gold Spammer in Faction Chat after today's (1/27/2016) maintenance. It looks like your minimum level 10 for global chat hasn't quite worked. This is a good idea to cut down on how rapidly Gold Spammers can recreate characters to start spamming again after being "banned". It needs to work correctly. Thanks. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Just found a Level 4 Gold Spammer in Faction Chat. I think your filter needs some more work.
  9. If people would just stop

    If the search function on the Forums was working (like it was when the game launched), people could search for an existing thread, and just add a reply. Without a working search, we will continue to get repeat topics.
  10. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Well tonight (Monday) I finally had to turn off faction chat. My blocked list became full after about 15 minutes of constantly blocking Gold Spammers. It wasn't so bad over the weekend. You would get a couple, block them, and new one's wouldn't be back for an hour or two. Now faction chat is completely full of Gold Spammers. You might have to implement what ArcheAge uses. You can't use any global chat until you are level 15. This is annoying for new players looking for help, but it slows down how fast Gold Spammers can generate a new account and start spamming. An additional option would be that there is no limit on reported and blocked spammers. With the limit of 50, mine is full already, so I can't block any more spammers. Having a limit of 50 for real players that you might want to block is OK. That type of block should take a while to fill. I think Rift has a method where reported spammers are instantly removed from the game. Now this suggestion is a bit over the top. Maybe a way to discourage spammers in chat would be to set up an advertising screen. If you had something to sell, you could put your add up. Maybe no more than 5 lines. Then if anyone wanted to look for Gold Sellers they could open the page and see who to buy from. And hopefully leave chat alone.
  11. The Radiant Ring has a bug

    Today I purchased Jeweler's Secret Technique - Viridian Coast, and used it. This should have unlocked recipes for Dazzling Seafaring Jewelry, instead there were no new recipes unlocked. This was working fine during the Alpa and Beta Tests. Please check and see what was left out when you made the Live Build.
  12. The Radiant Ring

    During the Alpha and Beta Tests, The Radiant Ring could create Rings and Earrings. These items used Polished Sandstones, so it was easy to get Guild Points and have fodder to upgrade your Hongmoon Jewelry. Also, using Jeweler's Secret Technique - Viridian Coast, got you recipes for Dazzling Seafaring Jewelry. If you use it as things stand now, you get no new recipes to craft (in spite of what the message implies when it's used). So, I believe that The Radiant Ring is currently bugged. Hopefully after the weekend is over the Devs will take a look and see what got left out.
  13. I tried to purchase a 2nd Viridian Poison from the Hongmoon Store, and I get the message "You have exceeded your purchase limit". 1) why is there a limit as to what you can buy if you still have the NCoin to buy things with? 2) If there is a limit? What is it? (Again why is there a limit? You want use to spend as much real cash as possible.) 3) The character I was trying to buy Viridian Poison has The Merry Potters as a crafting guild. They use a lot of Viridian Poisons at Rank One. 4) I didn't have this problem during Alpha and Beta. Please explain! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ On a whim I decided to try to purchase a ten pack of Viridian Poisons from the Hongmoon Store. This was accepted without an error message. What is going on here?
  14. The Gathering/Crafting Screens all have a Text Bug. In the section titled Order Condition, the text string that reads Guild Points should read Guild Rank (1 - 3). This was reported during Alpha and Beta Tests and not corrected. As displayed it is very confusing. You earn Guild Points in order to go up in Guild Rank, which unlocks new recipes or materials to gather. ________________________________________________________________________________________ I have a screenshot, but for some reason I am not allowed to upload it from my computer. This is something I thought I could do during Alpha and Beta tests. Apparently I can't upload from Microsoft OneDrive or Google Photos either. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Below is a link to the screenshot: https://goo.gl/photos/YpB33dN5VEvEV8Cy7
  15. The Radiant Ring has a bug

    The Radiant Ring is bugged. The ability to craft Rings and Earrings was present in both the Alpha and Beta Tests. With this missing, the only way to get Guild Points is to craft advanced items. Gems which need Gem Fragments (rare to get at beginning levels) or Keys which need Premium Simple Refiners. The Premium Simple Refiners can't be made at the starting level without finding the mats on the Auction House. Please fix this.