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Hongmoon coins problem


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I'm having an issue with the hongmoon coins. I got a token a few days and I attempted to craft it. I right clicked the token to bring up the crafting menu and since I had the required dragonstones (10) I clicked craft and it removed my dragonstones and token but I didn't receive anything. I put in a ticket but haven't received any response from NCsoft. Now I got my 2nd token and when I try to craft it it says 'Refining of Hongmoon coins is not available because previously refined Hongmoon Coins have not been acquired. Try again later' 


So should I just wait for the ticket to get back or is there some step that I'm missing? I've looked around youtube and twitch and it looks to me like after you craft the Hongmoon coins they are supposed to be automatically delivered to you.

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I'll try to explain this more clearly as I have the same problem.

I had 68 Hongmoon coins from earlier, then yesterday I got a brilliant venture token from a random chest while doing daily quests.
I proceeded to buy 10 dragonstones and tried crafting more hongmoon coins. It wrote that I have rolled 192 hongmoon coins.

I went to buy Dragon pouches from the hongmoon store (F10) but in there it said that I only had the 68 hongmoon coins from earlier.
Bummer I thought and ignored it as a bug and blamed it on my typical shit luck.
However today I got a venture token from another daily quest chest and proceeded to go through the process again.
I bought 10 dragonstones and then went to craft the Hongmoon coins, but this time it gives and error message in system chat:
"Refining Hondmoon Coins is not available because previously refined Hongmoon Coins have not been acquired. Try again later."

And I still have only 68 Hongmoon coins, the ones I started out with before the two venture tokens that i have gained.
Dunno what to do  :(


Had 68 HC in invertory. Got two venture tokens, proceeded to craft them. Still have only 68 HC.

Sad days are upon us

Please help.


http://imgur.com/s3IYVji Screenshot

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I recently got a reply from the support team after I submitted a ticket yesterday.

Van (Blade and Soul)

Feb 16, 02:50


Thank you for contacting Blade and Soul Support Team.

We understand that you are currently experiencing problems with missing Hongmoon Coins on your account. This is currently a known issue and the Development Team is working to correct this in a future update.

I'm sorry, but the Game Support Team does not have a workaround at this time. Once a fix has been created and tested it will be made available in a future update.

We thank you for your patience. If you have any further questions and concerns, please let us know.


NCSOFT Support Team

 So I guess we just have to wait for  a new patch, hopefully we will be able to retrieve the lost coins

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