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Please fix dungeon fire wall range.


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Hi there, I'm not 100% sure if this is a bug but it definitely is an annoyance to everyone who does these dungeons:

I've noticed that in dungeons like Skittering Tunnels there's a wall of fire preventing you from leaving or entering the fight once it has begun. 

The concept of this is great but in my opinion and player experience this has a flaw:

The wall instantly kills you if you get near it, whether you're inside or outside the fight.

My problem isn't that the wall kills you, my problem is that the wall kills you from a mile away and causes random deaths mid boss fight that can't be ressurrected for because either the person trying to ress you dies or you die again to the wall anyway. Below I've uploaded a screenshot of the closest I could get to this wall, which in my opinion is really far away and should maybe be adjusted?


This is the closest I could get to the wall, and this in my opinion is ridiculously far away still! 

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