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Disconnections and Game Ends


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I understand everything is new over there, and disconnections are bound to happen.

So trust me when I say, it is not the 10 daily disconnections I get from dungeons at the last boss that are pissing me off.


It is the fact that when the disconnect happens, EVERYTHING closes. I have to put my username and password again, reload the game, put my pin in, reload the area, and then join the party again.


Why don't you, instead of using an "exit(1)" line somewhere in there, you instead place us back into the champion select screen?

At least then I'll only have to wait for the queue. Other MMOs do this, so I'm sure you can do the same. It's the characters that are in a server, so it makes sense to be pushed back to that screen.

Not all the way back to my desktop!

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I agree, this is stupid and waste of time!

 To open the game you have to 


1- Login
2- Get verfication code
3- Verifying
4- Downloading repair files
5- Load 1.2 gb in memory! 
6- enter pin
7- wait in server queue
8- Still loading in memory to those 1.2 gb untilit reach 1.4 gb
9- loading screen that takes forever!
10- dropping some of data in memory after reaching 1.6 gb loaded

then you login and if you get a dc you go back to step 1!



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Oh yeah! I forgot that verification step, you're right, it sometimes happens too!


As for the queue, I only play in the mornings.

If I had to wait 10 times per 1 hour each, I'd die. :P


For me, I only disconnect during either cross-server dungeon, or at the end of cutscenes.

So I use the same-server party system, and I skip the cutscenes.

Shame, they look really nice (their first 2 seconds).


Namsoyoo is totally a traitor, right? :P

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