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Crash City


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So I have no problems running the game. When it runs. It runs flawlessly. Rarely any frame dips, no lag.

But this ONE issue that's been annoying the hell out of me, which is awkward because it didn't do this at any of the closed beta i played..

10-30 minutes of gameplay it crashes and I get this every time.




Every 10-30 minutes of me playing it happens. I can only play happily in increments which is annoying. I uninstalled-reinstalled. All drivers are up to date, I run a 980TI and a skylake I7...I don't know what to do at this point. Constantly relogging every 20 minutes is too much.



EDIT: even worse now. I have to restart my computer every 2 relogs now because of this


I check the task manager and the icons and it isn't running....cmon guys..

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