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  1. I JUST logged in and got thrown out and I think servers are down.... Welp, time to go bike riding lol
  2. If I were to spend 300 dollars in this game I woulda just bought gold off the currency exchange and just buy the mats I needed and call it a day lol. Although it's quite discouraging to see you used 300 boxes and only 1 aquamarine gem..
  3. Even so, you still need 3 hongmoon gems which I've only gotten through RNG Box/Trove events. You really had to pay a lot of money to get these huh...
  4. They're asking to check out his gems. I can't XD it's too late. I saw the transmuted gems but from what I saw you way too much.
  5. I didn't get to look at that person's gems though. Is there a way that I can?
  6. Soo....what exactly makes something like http://prntscr.com/bp730c possible? I blocked off his name and all that. I don't really care if he's pay to win or w/e. It's his choice. But from what I can tell, having all the 4-5AP gems & having everything except the hongmoon energy maxed out leaves you around 690-ish? I doubt the hongmoon energy gives off an additional 50 AP to get that high.
  7. Yeah, they resolved my issues really quickly too. They deserve some credit.
  8. I'm being told different things. The costume drops from 4 man sundered Nexus or does it matter?
  9. Yeah, even if you kept it cool the fans will still run. It probably sees BNS as a really demanding game. You should be ok as long as you dont keep it on soft surfaces such as pillows, blankets and etc. Use a table or something rough like a textbook.
  10. It cant really be abused though. It takes forever to kick an offline person lol...
  11. My guy, you literally liked a good amount of my posts where I'm constantly saying that I've been put in situations where I have no choice but, to give up caring for other players... I've tried so hard to help people in this game, whether they're new or not. But everyday, I play it's ALWAYS something. Yesterday I did 4 man Asura, in the same lobby with about 13 different players. One guy messed up just once....they all quit, over and over and over simply because the player that I was with messed up a bit. What do you want me to do? I'm not going to continue trying to help play
  12. I didn't do it to be rude. I just did it to help him out because we know more people are going to complain and mock him about his grammar. Don't make it out more than it is.
  13. "Dear NCsoft, No offense, but I believe you guys are an impotent company. I appreciate that you made this game free, but that's all you have done. I played BNS from day 1 in EU. I left Aion for this shit game, and I regret it. We're now in July, 6 months in and this game feels dead. All the smart players (?) left this game because of hackers and its becoming unplayable. 90% of the time hackers are using macro but they have many types of hacks. The secruity for BNS is absolute trash. I deal with hackers that block all of my hits while they're knocked down, jump at me from 30m, and impossi
  14. The irony Lmaoooo. Reading these posts only justifies the OP's point. We're supposed to stick together and get NCsoft to understand the shortcomings of this game, but you are all fighting and insulting each other instead.. To be honest, why are you guys talking about P2w? The reason for this thread is how we the community suck, and we make this game worse than it actually is. The game has its unfair issues and mind-boggling moments but I would have been OK with it if YOU guys weren't so whiny and feel like youre entitled to everything. Im forced to play with only guildies, be
  15. That isnt his point. I also bought the master founder pack, I enfused the weapon skin on the first character I had. Not knowing anything, i took it off. Now theres no way for me to get that back or do anything to get on my other characters. Skins for weapons should be reworked. For example on my FM, i have the be ido bangle skin. But I just upgraded to Baleful. I dont want to take off the be ido skin and im stuck with it until i decide i gotta throw it away. Which sucks because people pay 160g for those weapon boxes lol...
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