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Gamepad/Controller Hotbars


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Did a quick keyword search and didn't find anything, so I'm wondering, will there be another hotbar later on?
I have a skill for my pet now at level 24 set to RB+X, but I don't have a hotbar on screen for it. It's not a combo action or available only after certain conditions, but a skill I can activate at anytime. Specifically, "Crouching Tiger". Am I missing some sort of option to turn it on? If it's the latter I would like information on adding it to my screen. I really think they should have added a hotbar swapping option for skills like the hotbar for the items in your inventory if there isn't one... It's not a huge problem since I just checked and there are currently only two battle skills set to RB+X or RB+B. But if they were to add more in the future set to those it'd be useful to have them there visually.

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