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  1. Looking for a 2nd or 3rd opinion!

    I'm agreeing with the others and keep going with what you've done. From what I understand, the main reason people say NOT to go Oathbreaker is because of the cost vs. the original path. Since a lot of the mats to upgrade are "new," they're more expensive to acquire where as the older stuff is 'cheap' by comparison. As someone who is chronically broke and can never get gold to save his life, cheaper is the better option for me ... but I would think, in your situation, it would end up more expensive to start over. (not to mention the time and effort you've already put in...)
  2. that's not true - first person to grab it gets it in the default option ... I've done several runs in the past hour and wasn't able to grab any of the dropped loot (yes, I'm ranged, no I'm not "bitching," but it would be nice to get something during the run... even if it's junk)
  3. Poss stupid question (Imprison / Helix)

    ok, so wait for it to finish before going on ... thanks ! :)
  4. I just hit 40, and have noticed more and more often, Helix will proc before imprison is done... is it better to wait til Imprison is done ticking before hitting helix? or cancel out and hit Helix as soon as it procs?
  5. It doesn't say specifically, but I don't see why they would send the first bundle to the acct wide and not the ones after....
  6. My understanding that the costumes will be sent to the account wide mail box. Can only be claimed by one character (so whoever claims it is stuck with it.) I don't think it matters whether or not that character is the recently 45 or not
  7. Gamepad/Controller Hotbars

    don't know if you ever found your answer, but Q and E skills are never on screen (your cats Tiger skill is traditionally Q on keyboard.) There's no way to show it, but it's cooldown should show up after you do ...
  8. i wish ncsoft did maintenance like league

    I don't think OP is suggesting servers be done individually - think he's suggesting that the time changes from week to week so that different people are affected and it's not always the same ... I was just pointing out that knowing it's going to be every Thursday morning, I'd expect to not sign in before I leave for work (when I normally play) .... (translation: being offline on Wednesday is weirding me out atm lol)
  9. i wish ncsoft did maintenance like league

    Overall, I don't really care when maintenance is, I just find something else to do... HOWEVER, if given the choice, I'd rather it be the same time every time so that I know to expect it.
  10. Wardrobe and Friends list not working

    same here
  11. NC: Holding our inventory slots hostage??

    When your premium ends, your outfits will stay in the wardrobe... you'll be able to withdrawal them, but not put them back in.
  12. Clicked PLAY and Nothing

    this - was playing fine, then my computer decided it wanted to restart... came back, launcher said to update, so I did ... now this is as far as I can get