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Killing Quest Big Problem


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This game is actually built in a way that makes one of the most annoying thing ever existed in game possible, something i didn't see in an mmo in at least the last 4-5 years and that is KILL STEALING.

Usually in the past this used to work in a way that the last one to hit the target would get the killing, in this game is the opposite: the first one to hit the target gets the killing, even if he never hit it again after that and someone else kill it after (yeah i tried that). Useless to say that this mechanic makes some very simple killing quests become totally annoying and maddening and that it spoils the fun for everyone but the sick people actually living to be a nuisance to others that will just stay in the area and try to be faster in hitting so that other people get their questing messed up (yeah i found those people for real). 

Some quests actually consist in killing 10 mobs in an area where only 4 spawn (counted this), with a respawn time of 3 minutes and like... 11 people farming them, and it takes forever for the stupidest thing ever to exist in mmos from the start of times.

So... considering the fact that a game is supposed to be FUN for the most people possible the solution is very simple: "make it in a way that EVERYONE THAT ACTUALLY HIT THE ENEMY get the killing, there problem solved, more fun for everyone but the stupid ones.

EDIT: btw don't answer "you can just switch channel" because EVERY channel is the same for most areas and some only have 2 overcrowded channels

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