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  1. That makes sense, the announcement wasn't particularly clear to me. If it'll help me with my evolution to breeze 1, then hurray!
  2. Unless i'm missing something, I'm not sure the purpose of this event because it does not affect what it needs to... evolution and breakthrough costs.
  3. Adressing Faction inbalance ?

    The irony is that I think that if the factions -were- balanced, SSP pvp would not work. Imagine trying to take out the terror bosses if the opposing side had the same number as you. It'd be literally 100% impossible. SSP pvp is doable -because- the factions are unbalanced, albeit only by one faction.
  4. This update is really good.

    Interesting. My guild have run the dungeons about... 15 times each and each time the stingers were in simple piles of 2/3
  5. This update is really good.

    The daily is nice, makes you play stuff you wouldn't normally and the extra gold is very welcome. Not convinced about the supposed 'more frost shards' in the purple 50s though... >_>
  6. Forced to PVP

    I've been wanting my obviously HM pve skill locked away in the Arena. After luckily getting the 'win 20 matches for 3k beans' quest, I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. All I can say is that I now have the skill and hope I never have to go back to Arena again... I hated it and greatly resent the fact I had to take part to improve my pve.
  7. As a cerulean on the server that switched to Crimson, I don't blame them for cheating. It's wrong but being able to attest to how utterly outnumbered cerulean is with regards to pvp, I don't blame them for it.
  8. This weeks outfit rotation

    Oh geeeeeeezz.... I'm gonna be broke now o_O;
  9. Faction Balance?

    To add fuel to the fire so to speak. The clan I'm in decided reluctantly to switch from Cerulean to Crimson for the sake of progression. It's stupidly easy now, never seen to much soul stones in my inventory... rolling in gold relatively because I no longer have to spend 35-40 silver each on 230 soulstones. PvP dailies are completing very quickly and there is ALWAYS busy Crimson open world pvp no matter the time of day/night. Really, it's sad that it is this way. I truly feel now that my progression was heavily stiffled when I was in the heavily loosing faction. I've gained 4 faction ranks in a couple of days after switching.. more than I ever had while on Cerulean. It's ridiculous really and am not happy I've had to become part of the 'problem' in order to progress in this game.
  10. Faction Balance?

    I'm not considering a 'forced' method. The weaker faction needs incentives to join it. When the weaker faction gets less Soul stones, chests, keys, etc then people will move away from it to the stronger one. Channels should provide a reward % bonus based on relative active (wearing the outfit) faction members in a particular channel. Ofcourse this system can be abused, and that extends to any balancing mechanic, someone will find a way to abuse it. The simple fact that a full faction can still be joined by repeatedly spamming the 'join faction' button means the system doesn't work.
  11. Faction Balance?

    Something can completely be done about it. Something -has- to be done about it otherwise people will eventually gravitate to the faction that gets to always win pvp.
  12. I will probably get flamed for this because the internet is where people get to be 'brave' but here goes: My main is a summoner, and my AP is around 440ish. I have -not- gone the new weapon route, am on awakened pirate 10 and my jewelry is mostly infernal 10 or siren/pirate 10 if the item could be obtained as pirate/siren and I'm on Wild Springs. I do not pvp (I occasionally OPvp,) and am on the Cerulean side as is my guild. Cerulean is out numbered and seemingly pvp inactive. Infact whenever I check who I'm with in a server dungeon group chances are its crimson rather than cerulean. I do not do Arena, or rather I tried it till gold only to get my misty weapon for upgrading my staff and don't want to look back at Arena again. I simply don't enjoy pvp. I do dungeons I can but Poh24/Bsh24 are quite empty, BSH/PoH6 are often lead by master loot switchers because of the huge price increase of perfumes, etc. the few times I get to do Yeti 6 man and the other endgame purple dungeons with my Clan there have been no issues. In cross-server though I'm often asked to leave because my AP is only 440ish, or they see an infernal piece of jewelry and go 'omg noob' and drop. I can earn gold from Mushin tower, from the blue 50s and some endgame PvE dailies. Everything else is -very- hit and miss. THIS is why I earn on average 10 gold an evening when I play, because I can't regularly get into groups to do the money making dungeons. The bank breaker are soulstones which are near 40s at the moment. I need 92 gold just in SS for my weapon.. and then its all the 7.5g moonwater trans stones as well, then the 30ish gold upgrade cost, etc etc. Everything is very expensive and while I'm trying, I simply can't earn enough gold to do what I need. Yes I may be a noob, yes I may need to 'git guud', yes I may need to 'insert derogatory phrase here' but I'm positive there are a LOT of people in a similar situation to me. We are the people this game will drive away. And the sad thing is that before the 50 patch, I was doing well. I had a routine and was upgrading my gear relatively quickly. The 50 patch completely killed my progression as many sources of income for characters who are not highly geared just became underpopulated and therefore very hard to do. The 50 patch was too soon in my opinion and has left a lot of people behind in a pit with few ways of climbing out.
  13. I can't imagine earning 175 gold in just 3 days unless you got really lucky with a drop that people bid crazy for. If I'm lucky, a day gives me about 10 gold. I'm sorry, I simply don't see how you could get from broke to 120 gold in one day without doing some extraordinary things or being VERY VERY VERY lucky with drops. I don't see how its possible as a non pvp-er to earn that much in a couple weeks let alone a day.
  14. I have to agree, I thing the Silverfrost patch was probably 1-2 months too soon. The patch has not added that much more gold into the average persons daily rotation, but EVERYTHING has gone up in price regardless as people do less and less of the level 45 stuff. I'm a sliver away from 450AP and am finding a lot of prejudice against me in the level 50 purple dungeons... when according to people these are the main source of gold atm. I would not mind this grind at all if OPvP balance was fairer and endgame mats were not essentially locked behind pvp.
  15. To be honest I think that the money issue for a LOT of people would be greatly improved if soulstones were available via ACTUAL PvE (PvE wearing a faction outfit doesn't count.) After spending 7.5 gold on a moonwater trans stone, and 20+ gold on the upgrade cost, having to spend 35-40 silver on a single soulstone when I need 230 is insane. Almost every server has a population of people who can't progress decently because soulstones are locked behind PvP they chose the wrong faction for. Some people (me for example.) don't want to PvP but have our pve progress hindered by a PvP only material. Moonstones fall into that category though the price is reasonable considering the number needed. This has to be looked into quickly before the game suffers from it.. which it already is tbh.