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Disconnection types Error (1000)(132,1054)


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Ok so here is what i came across...
I already have a lvl 25 char on server [DE]Wide... something.   Anyway that char works fine. I log in and play all normal.
I created a new char on server Greenhollow and what happens is:

1, I select the char and press START. The loading line goes up to about 85% and gives me Error (1000)(132,1054)
2. I relog and again select the same char press START. Loading to 85%, cutscene comes up and i skip it after 2 sec. And again Error (1000)(132,1054)
3. I relog and select the char. Again 85%, cutscene, skip. Somehow it enters the game and i am able to press F about 5 times and then Error (1000)(132,1054)
4. The same all over. Now no more cutscene. The game loads to 100% and when it enters the game it gives me directly Error (1000)(132,1054)
Now every time i log in i get to see my char in front of the tutorial NPC and the Error (1000)(132,1054) pops up immediately.

Is anyone in the staff even trying to fix this ?

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