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  1. Sorry I've not commented on this thread for a while. I was never able to get connected to the EU server, but luckily US works for me, no idea why. I suggest using Pingplotter to see if it's a network issue. I made a list of all the things I tried on the first page of the thread.
  2. I tried this fix quite a while ago, it didn't work for me. I must've forgotten to add it to my list.
  3. Supports final response to me was that I should contact my ISP. They said they can't help me with this after going through all those methods. Hope you all manage to find a way to play eventually!
  4. Sorry I thought you were trying to play on the EU one ><' Well what I said applies to the EU people anyway. I'm in London and my route to the EU server is blocked. I'm on Poharan US server anyway (I think that's how you spell it). Also zero problems playing so far, not one crash or dc. I have 24 conversations with support now, with a different person everytime and almost everytime they are not reading the previous replies so I've given up playing on the EU server now.
  5. If you run a traceroute or use Pingplotter you should see the connection issue with the EU server. Will probably have to contact your ISP to solve it. I've resigned myself to playing on the US one, the ping is not too bad considering the server is in Texas.
  6. From the first hours of the day January 29 started to give me thesame error, when I put my PIN I don't think they have control over that as they probably need to speak to the devs in Korea to do that, but yes a message would be better. They also post regularly on Twitter and it's pinned at the top of the forum so that should be good enough for now.
  7. Apparently you are supposed to enable it now. Also, it's server maintenance for the next 5 hours so there's no point trying to log in.
  8. - SERVER MAINTENANCE - for the next 5 hours or so.
  9. Server maintenance for the next 5 hours, it pays to check their Twitter first instead of posting in the forum. Especially with the wrong error code -_-
  10. Server maintenance for the next 5 hours, it pays to check their Twitter first instead of posting in the forum.
  11. So from what I see from using Pingplotter it really is a problem of how our connection to routed to the NCSoft EU server in Germany and not our files or settings. My connection stops at a Ukrainian server and is unable to progress from there. I'm not sure if it's a problem that NCSoft can fix or we need to contact our ISP.
  12. Ah my bad. I can't even remember that post, was it a reply to you?
  13. Still not able to connect to the EU server and still fine on US. Bizarre. I'm getting a different person answering the same support ticket everytime and they suggested I use the chroma keyboard fix, even though I already stated I don't have any of that software.
  14. I've been playing on the US server for an hour with no problems so far. Obviously I want the EU one to work though. I am just super relieved somehow I am able to play a bit and try out stuff.
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