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multiple crashes & disconnects


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this is getting close to unplayable at this point, i've crashed out nearly four times in just a little under an hour. i'm not running any razer or asus things, i turned of my avg protection stuff, and i was running CBT just fine before now. moving through regions or from an area into a dungeon/town crashes me out- no error code or anything, just straight out to the error reporter itself. i was having 'no disk error' crashes on top of those, but i managed to fix them. if windwalking doesn't make me crash, it has a solid black loading screen instead of an image. for some reason, it's worse after the recent updates than it has been since it started and i'm not sure why. crashing out of the narrows is getting super frustrating y'know? has anybody found any fixes for this, or is it still just a matter of waiting for it to get fixed in another maintenance someday? :'|

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