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  1. a pay to play game with basic systems, fairly unimpressive character customization, and age/gender locked classes? lmao, no thanks, i'll stick with BnS. i generally don't bother with p2p games anyways, and in this case, it definitely wouldn't be worth it. all it has going for it are some nice graphics- if i feel like paying for a nice looking game, i'll just reactivate my FFXIV subscription.
  2. Giving Yun racially unique classes would be the same as limiting/removing male options for those classes though, so no thank you. I got tired of Tera because so much of it was gender specific, I don't' wanna have to go through all that crap again with BnS.
  3. @Artifact @YukiNagato hmhmm, that's really weird then. you're both running on way better computers than i am, so i wonder how they *cricket*ed stuff up enough for computers as old as mine to run the game a little better, but more suitable ones like yours get slowed down. 「(゚ペ) feels kinda backwards, i hope they get that kinda thing sorted out soon.
  4. skirts for my boy lyns, pls ty. i like this idea a whole lot okay, let me live, gosh.
  5. does the lag have more to do with the servers themselves, or peoples internet/pcs though? 'cause i'm still running on my dinosaur of a windows XP desktop, and my lag's dropped considerably since the update. on my roommate's laptop that I use for pvp, there's no lag at all- so I have to wonder if the lag problem isn't so much NC's fault as much as it is the player's connections/computers.
  6. @einZARD ah, that was referring to your timezone time, i think. i'm glad qiren caught you though! I shot you an invite myself, but i think you were afk at the time. ; v ; welcome, i hope you have fun with us! ヽ( ・∀・)ノ
  7. @einZARD hmhmmm, the bulk of our members are usually on around what i think would beee 9pm to 4am, for you, to be honest. >:|c what hours are you usually on, that make make it a little easier to catch you! @Ipsen as far as I'm aware, they've already nabbed you- so hello and welcome! (•̀o•́)ง
  8. ouija

    Faction Dailies

    bad news, friendo: if you've got your uniform on, the other team's gonna come for you, dailies or not. :/ take some friends with you to help keep 'em off your back if you seriously wanna get your quests done, without getting squished.
  9. aw man, BDO... back when i first saw videos of it, i was super excited, because hey- i'm super into some nice-as-*cricket* graphics, i was so down for that. now, not so much. the customization might be really detail oriented, but it also seems really limited in certain aspects (what you can do with character's body types, male options, etc.) and almost everything i've heard about the gameplay/game itself was about what a letdown it was. it's got a lot of things i didn't like about older mmos all in one game, so my hype's already dead. :/ suuuuuper disappointed, tbh
  10. since they already had the makeup for it, i always just assumed this was them trying to do panda stuff. :'|c
  11. right, and 'days and days and days' was an example, not the actual exact time you spent grinding for it, ohmigosh. i couldn't care less how long you personally spent grinding for a costume, the point is that you decided all on your own to spend that time grinding for something you only have a slim chance of getting, c'mon now.
  12. i read what you wrote, but you clearly didn't understand me: yes, not everyone is going to have the patience to farm for it. move on, do something else, you don't need the outfit as it has absolutely no benefits besides looking pretty. it's a rare item, and has the low drop rates to reflect that. people have skipped over costumes for less: i myself don't even have a full lycan outfit because i don't feel like spending that much time trying to get the adornments, and the drop rates on those are much higher than the outfit in question. the amount of time you spend grinding for an outfi
  13. it's supposed to be something rare that you have to really work for, i'm not sure why you would want to suddenly make it a common thing that's easy to get by making it buyable- that would defeat the whole purpose of making it a rare drop, and it's refreshing to see a few people in something you haven't seen a hundred times before. it's something that not everyone is going to have, because not everyone i going to have the patience to keep trying to get it, plain and simple. that aside, i really don't think people are going to quit just because they can't have an outfit or two- do you realize ho
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