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WTF i w8 30 min to enter in game !!!


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Stop block us to connect in server !! is first game in world i w8 30 min to enter every time .. and dont tell us you have to meany connection in same time this is a lie !!

Prove ( i play LoL and 1 in a mounth i w8 1/2 min to enter and they have more then 1.mil connection in same time and BAS we wait 30 min for 700 connection ..

Dont make us to buy premium ! we buy just if we whant .. OR THIS IS NOT A FREE GAME

This BAS is full of bug's  and i get kick from game and i wait 30 min to enter i play 20 min .. and other but .. again i wait 30 min to enter thi is %%%%%%% ..

Stop this we are not idiot's

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