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Wardrobe bug / Item ID bug


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Some costumes I obtained from boss drop and chest opening doesn't fit in the wardrobe, there is no option to put them there. I have to waste inventory/bank space with them and I don't want to throw them away.


Also for Item ID, some items like POH purple soulshield has like 2 different item ID. For example I had Sealed Soulshield #7 twice in inventory and couldn't stack them, while having others on bank stacked. I found out that even if the item is the same they don't stockpile because one is obtained from boss drop and the other from boxes, so basically the same item with a different ID making you waste even more inventory/bank space.


I just wonder if this is in purpose to make people go nuts and buy pouches or if its really a true mistake from the dev team.


Whatever both should be fix.


The difference between great and greatest games are the small things like this ones.

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