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Character Creation


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Brother Zakkusu


Created character based on the main protagonist of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.


Nearest Resemblance:

Race Selection: Jin

Class Selection: Blade Master

Voice Appearance: Ceaseless Spirit


Source: Zack Fair - Final Fantasy Wiki - Wikia
JPEG image: Appearance_Jin_Male_Brother_Zakkusu.jpg - Google Drive

THM File: Appearance_Jin_Male_Brother_Zakkusu.thm - Google Drive

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Sister Kyasarin


Created character based on the titular character in the game Catherine.


Nearest Resemblance:


Race Selection: Yun

Class Selection: Force Master

Voice Appreance: Warrior's Pride


Source: Catherine - Catherine Wiki - Wikia

JPEG image: Appearance_Yun_Female_Sister_Kyasarin.jpg - Google Drive
THM File: Appearance_Yun_Female_Sister_Kyasarin.thm - Google Drive

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I made a Catherine that i accidentally made looking exactly like the one of the game, will post the picture as soon i get home, i didnt made her since i wasnt able to use the Catherine name so had no sense, ended up making a different face but still the same haircut.


Also, those JPEG pictures are impossible to see o.o, too tiny.

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Oks here it is, i think is pretty accurate:






And here some pictures for reference:




Could be more accurate making the eyes more small, and there are brows that look more like the character but i am lazy to get into the game to change that and save the picture, plus i dont have more character slots so i would have to make a second account just for that x.x

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