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How to make in game money?


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12 minutes ago, kittenesse said:

I've only been playing the game since launch two days ago! Not exactly sure how to make in game money, and more. Please explain? 


8 minutes ago, Menester said:

Quests (Low profit)

Auction house - Every kind of material for evolving, boss items, rare items, they seem to be selling quite fast and easy.



As stated above, there are a few places to actually get money fairly quick!


One way is the auction house. While it requires a bit of luck, some skill and persistence, playing the economy is a very surefire way to make some passive income.


Heres an example:

-Find items which are lower than the previous set of days and gamble upping the price to make a small but noticeable profit.

-Roll a new character and power through the game making money on the way and sending them to your main character.

-Sell services and goods, helping people for money as an escort or even crafting items for them.

-Sell your dumplings for a higher profit while you continue to farm them from dungeons.


Don't be discouraged by the lack of funds now, your still growing. As a lower level, don't expect to be rich, otherwise the economy would be inflated.





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You all responded so fast! *_* Thank you! 


I do not know how to craft yet, and most only service so far is being a newbie. How do I go about procuring items? Do you kill normal mobs or do you have to kill bosses? also, how do you go about transferring funds from one character to the other?

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