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Prioritise patches asap


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Please, the way PvP is atm comes closer to a garbagedump than actual balance...

Either get the lvl 50 content patches out asap or adjust the balance to fit lvl 45 because this is far from fun.


I am really sad that i have an FM alt... i feel disgusted for playing him in PvP, because 24/7 stunlock with no chance at all of escape is easily done by even someone as slow with reflexes as me.. there is no way anyone can do anything but just stand still and wait for the match to get over with..

It is just an example but more than enough classes are brokewise/skill-wise soooooo *cricket*ing far from eachother because someone thought it would be a good idea to mix newer balancing/number patches with older content.. yeah


I absolutely love this game but im really hoping it wont continue for to long.

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I was on the other end of this stick just yesterday with my blade dancer, I couldn't believe the force master was able to just stun lock me constantly without me being able to do anything but watch as she ran circles around me and i couldn't even move from my starting point...I just figured that since i was still new to the game (tried arena at level 15) that I just didn't know how to get out of the stuns yet but based on what I'm reading perhaps the force masters are just OP right now? 

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