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Let's get real NCsoft, seriously wtf?


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Been waiting since day 1 and this game is all buggy as hell!

With the worst servers I've seen on MMORPG, lagging every now and then, I know it's not only me, I've tested my internet, plus when server freeze and run again after a minute or two I find dozen of dead people on chat screen, saying lag and cursing.


Seriously NCsoft you call this a game? It's still in beta, actually I believe it's the same beta with no change!

How in the world would you launch such broken game as this?

Ok the first 2 days server was good, fast and playable with all the bugs, but after that, can't have 5 minutes without lagging.


I've played the Russian one, the game runs on one free privates server holding 3x times the people on here,  on a probably early beta versions and it's way stable, with decent latency, and never heard of "logging queues"? This is cheap NCsoft. CHEAP!


Not to mention we have already paid, we deserve some respect damn! Use our money for God sake!

Seriously been waiting and waiting, will this ever be fixed?

Even your forums are buggy, had to login 4 times to recognize me as logged.


Here my test to Frankfurt server, which was pretty close to in game the first 2 days, now, all am getting is +3 sec delays.

(Done on same time as this post)


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